Anaesthesia Specialty leaflet

The Anaesthesia Specialty leaflet gives an overview of the support we offer. 

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Our Studies

Anaesthesia Specialty Profile

The Anaesthesia Specialty profile gives an overview of our offer to the Life Science industry. 

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Trainee research networks: A model for success

In some areas of medicine the proportion of clinicians undertaking clinical research is lower than in others. This is true of surgery and anaesthesia. However, the tide is turning. Insight magazine reveals how Trainee Networks are creating the next generation of research active anaesthetists and surgeons.

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Other Resources

Maintaining the UK's leading edge

Eight senior clinical academics joined the ranks of the Network in 2015 as Specialty Cluster Leads. Their role? To ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of clinical research so that NHS patients can continue to benefit from leading-edge treatments. Insight magazine learns why and how.

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Flexible Network workforce in practice

Find out how CRN: South London recruited 235 patients in one week to a surgical study.

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Engaging global communities in research learning

Enabling understanding of clinical research and its role in improving healthcare is a core objective in the Network. In 2015 the Network’s Workforce, Learning and Organisational Development team partnered with the Digital Learning team at Leeds University to develop an online course; ‘Improving Healthcare through Clinical Research’. The course is free, and available to anyone wanting to learn about clinical research. For further information, visit the Future Learn website.