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Working with the Life Sciences

The NIHR Clinical Research Network Cardiovascular Disease has been enormously successful in integrating clinical research into NHS clinical service provision, and both developing and delivering a large practice changing portfolio of clinical trials.

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Our Studies



Cardiovascular studies focus on conditions/diseases such as:

  • Arrhythmia: Modelling Long QT Syndrome - new in vitro models of long QT syndrome by coupling induced pluripotency and cardiomyocyte differentiation
  • Cardiovascular Prevention: PATHWAY2 - optimal treatment of drug resistant hypertension
  • Atherothrombosis: SCOT-HEART Scottish Computed Tomography of the HEART Trial - role of Multi-detector Computed Tomography in the Diagnosis and Management of Patients attending a Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic
  • Cardiovascular Surgery: UK LEAP – a national evaluation of error during aortic procedures in the open and endovascular operating environment
  • Congenital Heart Disease and Pulmonary Hypertension: The Oxford study of aortic disease in bicuspid aortic valve syndrome - characterisation of vascular dysfunction in bicuspid aortic valve disease using advanced cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging techniques
  • Heart Failure: Yorkshire heart failure and assessment risk trial (Yorkshire HEART) - prospective validation of prognostic markers in patients with chronic heart failure
  • ERICCA - Effect of Remote Ischaemic Preconditioning on Clinical Outcomes in CABG Surgery: The aim of the ERICCA trial was to confirm if remote ischaemic preconditioning could improve health outcomes in high-risk patients undergoing CABG ± valve surgery. The Clinical Research Network supported recruitment of patients from 30 cardiac centres across the UK. This support enabled the study to reach its recruitment target of 1610 patients within its planned recruitment window of three years.

Supporting global firsts

Over the last five years, the Clinical Research Network has achieved 90 global first patients. We understand the importance of rapid set-up to commercial partners. Some recent examples from the Cardiovascular Disease specialty include:

  • A trial that is monitoring the capability of a new medical device to enhance the performance of co-implanted pacemakers
  • An investigation into using an angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibitor as a treatment in heart failure patients
  • A study of cardiovascular medicine for the treatment of heart failure

Where there are considerable overlaps with other specialty areas, for example diabetes and stroke, we work closely with our colleagues from across the Network to deliver high quality cardiovascular disease research.

You can find out more about cardiovascular disease studies in your area through the UK Clinical Trials Gateway.