Working With Our Stakeholders

Young Person's Advisory Group

Since its launch in 2006, the Young Persons’ Advisory Group has become increasingly influential in helping to improve the design and delivery of children’s clinical research studies

Clinical Studies Groups

We’ve developed Clinical Studies Groups to cover the different specialty areas within child health. Find out more about CSGs.

Experimental Medicine

We assist the discovery and evaluation of new drugs through experimental studies of promising compounds, including pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) studies.

Due to the requirements of many of these studies, we work closely with Clinical Research Facilities (CRFs) and other experienced units with access to highly specialised research teams and advanced equipment.

If you have any questions on Experimental Medicine, please contact or visit the Network’s life-sciences pages for information about commercial studies.

Neonatal Network

The Children Speciality has developed a neonatal network to promote and support clinical research in neonatology units across the UK.

The aim of the Neonatal Network is to facilitate all neonatal units to join in with research that addresses important questions in the provision of neonatal care.

The neonatal network co-ordinator acts as the central contact point for information relating to neonatal studies supported by the Children Specialty. This includes provision of contacts information, recruitment data and study support requests. We continue to welcome units to the network.

Click here for more information and some of the benefits of joining the neonatal network.