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Working with our Stakeholders

We have strong links with national charities. For dementia research, that includes Alzheimer's Research UK and Alzheimer's Society. For neurodegeneration, we have links with Parkinson’s UK, the Huntington’s Disease Association and the Motor Neurone Disease Association.  These relationships facilitate patient involvement in research and provide important synergies with providing service excellence across the UK. Several studies on the NIHR Clinical Research Network portfolio have been funded by these charities and, through the efforts of our Specialty Group, have recruited to time and target.

The specialty works closely with Dementias and Parkinson’s Disease Portfolio Development Groups and the Motor Neurone Disease and Huntington's Disease Clinical Studies Groups.

Helen Robinson: A nurse Principal Investigator

Helen Robinson is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner from Middlesbrough, who became one of the first Nurses to become a Principal Investigator of a research study in her Trust in Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys. We interviewed Helen to find out how and why she got involved in clinical research.

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Taking part in Parkinson's disease research: Stephen's story

Stephen Roberts talks about his experience of taking part in Parkinson's Disease research.

Stephen's story

Caring for someone with dementia and taking action on research

Shirley Nurock recalls her experience of caring for someone with dementia and how you can take action on research.

Shirley's story

Research changed my life: Michelle

Michelle was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in August 2009, which really knocked her for quite a while.  Increasingly, over the last five years, clinical research has helped to rebuild her confidence and given her hope for the future.

Michelle's story

Why I’m involved in Parkinson's disease research

Colin Sanders was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1999. He’s part of our Research Support Network and is passionate about supporting progress towards a cure. He talks about his involvement in research...

Colin's story

Funders of Dementia Research

Funders of Neurodegeneration Research