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To help the delivery of research across the East Midlands, we have teams of people dedicated to training and support. Our main current services are detailed below.

Workforce Development

Our Workforce Development Team work to promote research as an attractive career option within the NHS. Working with colleagues, we support a number of national initiatives and our dedicated learning and development team deliver a range of learning programmes locally to support the delivery of high quality clinical research across the East Midlands.

We aim to improve the standards of research delivery by:

  • Ensuring all delivery staff have the opportunity to actively network and share best practice through our Research Forums
  • Supporting the development of our future clinical research delivery leaders through the Advanced Leadership Programme
  • Identifying the learning needs of the workforce and providing a comprehensive programme of learning to support these needs
  • Developing our Principal Investigator community and supporting trainees to get involved in clinical research
  • Providing an induction to the CRN and clinical research in general
  • Providing delivery staff  with access to the East Midlands Core Competency Framework for clinical research professionals
  • Adopting and promoting the Integrated Research Framework tool to support workforce planning, recruitment, career pathways and professional development

For details of upcoming training, please take a look at the calendar on the right-hand side of our homepage.

To get in touch with the team, please email crnemtd@nihr.ac.uk

Study Support Service

For any study that is eligible or applying for Network support, we offer a range of services across the research pathway that will help study feasibility, set up and delivery to time and target. Find out more

The Study Support Service in the East Midlands provides support to all key NHS healthcare sectors; Acute, Mental Health/Community Health Services, Primary Care and includes independent providers of NHS services. Our model of support means that we are able to work flexibly across health sectors and patient pathways for different types of studies and disease areas and we can draw on the expertise of different NHS and Clinical Research Network staff as required.  

If you have a query or want to make contact with our Study Support Service Team, the email address is supportmystudyeastmidlands@nihr.ac.uk

Research Support Team

With a multidisciplinary team of research ready professionals, our Research Support Team (RST) can be deployed to support research across all specialties, with all NHS organisations across the region, throughout the research pathway.

The RST aim to fill a specific gap in resources or capacity that is affecting the delivery of conduct on an NIHR study. This gap could exist for many reasons, including:

  • Vacancies within research teams
  • Planned maternity, paternity/adoption leave or long term staff sickness
  • Waiting for funding to arrive

Our team can be deployed to work on any NIHR Portfolio study. We have swift approval systems in place to ensure placement of staff as soon as possible.

In addition, if you want to conduct a commercial study but need support in place until funding arrives to be able to recruit research support staff, we can help.

Service Options

The team can support research delivery in many ways:

  • Guidance with set-up
  • Clinical measurements
  • Creating and/or maintaining trial databases
  • Administrative duties

This is by no means an exhaustive list; no job is too big or too small for us to consider. To ensure that studies deliver to time and target, we can provide advice on other options of support, including assessing feasibility, scoping capacity and identifying models of study delivery.

Request Support

To request support please email a current copy of the study protocol and an outline of what support you are looking for to the RST shared inbox:


For more details about how we can support the delivery of NIHR studies please take a look at our Research Support Team information leaflet. 

Life Sciences Industry

In the East Midlands, we have access to a combined population of around 4.5 million. With a strong history of collaboration with industry, we delivered 90% of commercial studies to time and target in 2016/17. We are committed to the impact that clinical research can make to patient care. Our region offers a fantastic network including key opinion leaders, research centres of excellence within leading teaching hospitals and collaboration with academia. 
Currently we have over 300 active commercial studies including those open across multiple sites in 2016/17 and we fund a workforce of almost 1400 staff in the region.
Within our Clinical Research Network we have a dedicated core team for the Life Sciences Industry. We can help with:
  • Proactive support and guidance for coordinating set up through to site initiation and then study recruitment and performance
  • Continuous monitoring of recruitment rates, identifying problems early at a local and national level and facilitating opportunities for effective resolution. 
  • Clinical Specialty Research Leads funded to provide clinical leadership to drive research
  • Single tracking system with detailed intelligence on the set-up and recruitment performance of all portfolio commercial research across the region
  • Single point of contact leading into an efficient escalation process
You can get in touch with our Life Sciences Industry Team for more information and support using the details below:
Daniel Kumar - Industry Delivery Manager Tel: 0115 9249924 - 60649
Mob: 0781 226 8552
Laura Buckley – Industry Initiatives Manager Tel: 0115 9249924 - 60643
Helen Beveridge - Industry Research Officer Tel: 0115 924 9924 - 60650
Adnan Usmani - Industry Research Officer Tel: 0116 2585032
Maya Mistry – Industry Research Officer Tel: 0116 258 6267
Alex Russell - Industry Data Officer Tel: 0115 924 9924 - 60760