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The NIHR funds and supports world-class experts in ear, nose and throat. In addition, our experts in the NIHR Clinical Research Network (National Specialty Leads) can give advice on delivering your ear, nose and throat study in the NHS.

The National Specialty Leads assist with clinical aspects of delivering the studies managed or supported by the specialty, provide leadership on clinical studies in conditions, and act as a key clinical ambassador for these conditions within the specialty.

Professor Anne GM Schilder

Professor Anne GM Schilder is an ENT surgeon and trialist. She is based at University College London's Ear Institute and practices Paediatric ENT at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital. She is Joint Coordinating Editor of Cochrane ENT and National Lead of the NIHR Clinical Research Network ENT Specialty. As director of evidENT and the NIHR UCLH Biomedical Research Centre Deafness and Hearing Problems Theme, she leads a programme of translational  research, including an EU Horizon 2020 supported first-in-man trial of a novel drug aimed at restoring hearing in adults with sensorineural hearing loss and an NIHR supported programme of research to establish best management of adults with chronic rhinosinusitis.

E. a.schilder@ucl.ac.uk


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