About Our Specialty | Genetics

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The Genetics Specialty is one of over 30 Specialties which bring together communities of clinical practice to provide national networks of research expertise. Our membership is made up of research-interested clinicians and practitioners at both national and local levels. Our job is to ensure that the genetics studies that are included in our national portfolio of research receive the right support to ensure they are delivered successfully in the NHS.

Who we are

The NIHR is the most integrated health research system in the world, and the largest national clinical research funder in Europe. The NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) supported 32 new studies last year, and recruited 35,995 patients to genetics studies.

The NIHR supports research studies through our funding programmes, training and support for health researchers, and through providing world-class research facilities. We also support dialogue between the life sciences industry and charities to benefit all, and facilitate the involvement of patients and the public to make research more effective.

Last year (2017/2018) the NIHR supported 175 genetics studies. The NIHR supported these studies through our funding programmes and our research schools and units. We also support genetics research through our research infrastructure and our training and career development awards for researchers.

The Musketeers' Memorandum Agreement

The NIHR Musketeers’ Memorandum allows a single lead UK genetics unit to rapidly enable set-up for a rare disease non-CTIMP (Clinical Trial of an Investigational Medicinal Product) project, which can then be delivered across all regional genetics centres.

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