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Find out more about the Genetics specialty and how it works.

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Musketeers' memorandum

NIHR UK Rare Genetic Disease Research Consortium Agreement (Musketeers’ Memorandum)

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Profile for Life Sciences Industry

Find out about what our Genetics specialty can offer the life-sciences industry and why you should place your study in England.

Genetics Specialty Profile

Genetics: Helping Children to Breathe Easily

Insight magazine caught up with a study team in Brighton who are investigating if prescribing medication according to a child’s genetic makeup could lead to better control of their asthma.

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Developing New Approaches to Antenatal Care

Research isn’t just about testing new treatments and drugs, it’s also about looking at how we can do things differently...

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Diagnosing rare genetic disorders: The Deciphering Developmental Disorders Study (DDD) study

Every year, thousands of babies are born in the UK who do not develop normally because of errors in their genetic makeup. Upto half of children with severe developmental disorders of probable genetic origin remain without a diagnosis. The Deciphering Developmental Disorders Study (DDD) aims to determine if new high-throughput genetic technologies can determine the cause of developmental disorders, and to facilitate the use of these technologies in the NHS.

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Patient and Carer Involvement

Research changed my life - Sultan - Morquio syndrome

Research has changed my life I'm really happy.

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Other Resources

Maintaining the UK's Leading Edge

Eight senior clinical academics joined the ranks of the Network in 2015 as Specialty Cluster Leads. Their role? To ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of clinical research so that NHS patients can continue to benefit from leading-edge treatments. Insight magazine learns why and how.

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