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What we do:

We support the delivery of health research across 30 research specialties within 14 local NHS Trusts and 11 Clinical Commissioning Groups.

We are hosted by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. Our host is responsible for ensuring the effective delivery of research throughout our region’s Trusts, primary care organisations and other qualified NHS providers.

We’re committed to delivering research which improves our patients’ health and NHS services.

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Our support for the life sciences and healthcare innovation industries:

We have a strong track record of collaboration with life sciences companies and are passionate about the contribution that clinical research can make to patient care.

We provide:

  • dedicated research support
  • keen research teams embedded within local health services
  • competitive performance data that demonstrates our local strengths and opportunities

Find out more about our research support offering via our life sciences and healthcare innovation factsheet. Contact our Life-sciences Industry Team.

Our Study Support Service:

For any study that is eligible or applying for Network support, whether commercially or non-commercially sponsored, we offer a range of services across the research pathway.

These services help with study feasibility, set-up and delivery to time and target. Regardless of the location, study type, study size or therapy area of the research, we will provide consistent and high quality support.

Whether it is help with regulatory approvals, assistance with site identification, or guidance with the costings for a study, our dedicated advisors are here to help. This infrastructure provides unparalleled access to, and understanding of, the NHS research environment.

Greater Manchester study delivery - an example:

With the support of CRN GM, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust recruited more patients to a multi-centre diabetes study than any other UK site.

The trial was rolled out at trusts across the UK between 2012 and 2017, with a global recruitment target of around 14,000. 

It was designed to evaluate the effect of the drug exenatide on Type 2 diabetes patients who have suffered major episodes such as a heart attack or stroke.

Pennine Acute, through its Diabetes Centre at North Manchester General Hospital, led the way by recruiting a national-leading 40 participants – exceeding its target of 25.

Professor Cuong Dang, Principle Investigator on the study, said: "Having the support of NIHR CRN GM has really allowed the expansion of our research portfolio and team. Our progress has really coincided with our working relationship with them. 

"Having CRN GM as an overall supportive organisation has been an enormous help with funding, staff support, and allowed us to be fully aware of the studies available that we can take part in and develop."

Read more about this study here. Read a patient story from this study here

Our recruitment performance:

CRN GM recruited 40,570 participants across 1,008 research studies in 2016/17. You can view full recruitment data for the last financial year here

Monthly updates can be accessed here

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