Working With Our Stakeholders

Some of our key stakeholders are listed below. The NIHR Clinical Research Network Haematology specialty group works closely with these organisations in integrating clinical research into NHS clinical service provision, and in driving priority setting that encourages research that will have the greatest impact on patients.  

National Haemophilia Database

We collaborate with the National Haemophilia Database which maintains a record of patients with bleeding disorders within the UK. This enables us to advise on the incidence of bleeding disorders within the country as well as the location of patients around the country. Such information is anonymised, but can aid in the feasibility assessment of new commercial studies investigating novel therapies in this patient group. We are happy to informally advise our commercial partners about aspects of study design within the UK, particularly regarding patient numbers and the likely location of patients within the UK.

Haematology Charities and Organisations

NHS Blood and Transplant

The NIHR has partnered with NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) to fund four NIHR Blood and Transplant Research Units (BTRUs).

The BTRUs are research partnerships between universities and NHSBT for research to improve the supply of blood, blood products, stem cells and tissues, and organs for transplantation.