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Working with our Stakeholders

CRN Mental health are working with key stakeholders to promote the successful delivery of research studies in the NHS and to help plan new studies that will address patient’s needs. We offer support to projects run by research teams based at any university in England as long as the project meets the right criteria.  Our Specialty supports studies and trials in over sixty NHS trusts that offer mental health services. More than 30 universities are involved with the research. We also offers support to studies that are sponsored by Life-sciences industry.

We have close collaborations with the McPin Foundation and MQ: transforming mental health through research as well as key patient involvement groups in the field of mental health.


UK Mental health research organisations

The Scottish Mental Health Research Network (SMHRN)

The SMHRN Facilitate the development, set up and successful completion of mental health clinical research studies across Scotland.

Clinical Research Collaboration Cymru

Health and Care Research Wales provides an infrastructure to support and increase capacity in R&D, runs a range of responsive funding schemes and manages resources to promote, support and deliver research in health and social care.

McPin Foundation and MQ: transforming mental health 

The NIHR CRN is collaborating with the McPin Foundation and MQ: transforming mental health through research to run this years award scheme to recognise Mental health portfolio research studies with excellent service users and carer involvement in all stages of the research process. The award provides an opportunity to spread good practice in the area, celebrate excellence and promote patient and carer involvement activities that research studies can implement to improve the quality and relevance of their research.  Read more about this year's NIHR CRN McPin & MQ Awards