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Mental health Specialty Leaflet

The Mental health Specialty leaflet gives an overview of the services we offer.

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Our Studies

Mental Health Specialty Profile

Find out how the Mental Health Specialty can support the Life Sciences Industry.

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Groundbreaking therapy trialled with BME patients

A groundbreaking talking treatment has been developed and successfully trialled with a group of Black and minority ethnic (BME) schizophrenia service users, carers, community members and health professionals.

first look summary of the study is available to read on the NIHR Journals Library and a video featuring study participants and the research team is now available to watch online. 

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Mental Capacity to consent to research? 

The British Journal of Learning Disabilities has published an article about mental capacity to consent to research.
Jahnese Hamilton, Clinical Studies Officer at CRN North East North Cumbria, is the lead author of the article, which considers the experiences of consenting adults with intellectual disabilities and/or autism.
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Children and Young People's Mental Health Research

Our campaign to raise awareness of mental health research amongst children and young people provides the following information and resources:

Making commercial research the best it can be: how the NIHR CRN supports commercial studies

The NIHR CRN oversees the set-up and delivery of various types of commercial research across the UK, from assisting with feasibility, set-up and recruitment, to – once a study is delivered and closing – making sure that the study is as valuable as it can be.

We spoke to three members of staff – Saffra Knox, Nikki Skelton and Allan Young – who work with industry on studies related to mental health, dementia and neurological disorders. They explained what makes partnership with industry successful and how it works on a day-to-day basis.

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Research culture gets results

How does a mental health Trust, with limited research activity, achieve the first site and first UK patient for a European commercial study? The answer is teamwork...

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Patient and Carer Involvement

Involving people with experience of mental health problems in research

A guidance document outlining how people with experience of mental health problems can be involved in research.

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Good practice guidance for recruitment and involvement of service user and carer researchers

This guidance is designed to support and promote good practice in the use of service users and carers as researchers.

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Impact of Service and Carer Involvement

A series of case studies illustrating the impact of service user and carer involvement on research

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Other Resources

Involving carers in research

A guidance document outlining how carers, family members and close friends of people with experience of mental health problems can be involved in research.

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Contributions from carers

Below are three case studies that showcase the contributions that carers have made to mental health research through their involvement in studies.

Engaging global communities in research learning

Enabling understanding of clinical research and its role in improving healthcare is a core objective in the Network. In 2015 the Network’s Workforce, Learning and Organisational Development team partnered with the Digital Learning team at Leeds University to develop an online course; ‘Improving Healthcare through Clinical Research’. The course is free, and available to anyone wanting to learn about clinical research.

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List of NHS trusts that run Mental health studies

Maintaining the UK's leading edge

Eight senior clinical academics joined the ranks of the Network in 2015 as Specialty Cluster Leads. Their role? To ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of clinical research so that NHS patients can continue to benefit from leading-edge treatments. Insight magazine learns why and how.

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List of universities involved with Mental health research