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Working with our Stakeholders

We work with stakeholders, including Society for Endocrinology, funders of research, and patient support organisations, to promote the successful delivery of research studies in the NHS and to help plan new studies that will address patients' needs.

We have key stakeholder representatives on our national specialty group to help define the metabolic and endocrine disorders research agenda, identify and support new clinical researchers and promote patient involvement in study design, delivery and recruitment.

Collaboration with the Devolved Nations

Clinical research is being undertaken across the United Kingdom. We continue to work closely with the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish clinical research networks to support the design and delivery of high quality research.

Society for Endocrinology

Society for Endocrinology support scientists, clinicians and nurses who work with hormones throughout their careers. They also engage policy-makers, journalists, patients and the public with hormone science to encourage informed health decisions, and to demonstrate the value of endocrinology to the wider world.

British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group

British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group’s aim is to improve the provision of services for patients with inherited metabolic disorders.