Case studies

When Stroke takes half your world away - Peter Blair

Peter Blair - "When stroke takes half your world away"

At the age of 57 Peter Blair had a stroke and as a consequence lost the sight on his right side from both eyes, a condition known as hemianopia. He lost the ability to read and write and some of his memory function. At the Adult Learning Centre at North Shields he re-learnt to read and write and how to use a computer. Through involvement in research and his own determination Peter has regained some ability which he has put to use helping others. 

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Using medical devices in clinical trials - Prof Helen Rodgers


Prof Helen Rodgers is the Chief Investigator for the Robot Assisted Training for Upper Limb after Stroke (RATULS) clinical trial. RATULS is the largest robot upper limb trial in the world and one of RATULS’ four centres is in our region. We recently caught up with Helen to talk about how her team discovered the robot, the use of medical devices in clinical trials and how the trial could impact the NHS.

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Andrew Brown – Globetrotter, Granddad and ‘Join dementia research’ Champion

Few people have had so many roles in research. Andrew’s career began with training as an MLSO (Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer), in Darlington initially. After experiencing bacteriology, haematology and biochemistry, he settled in histology in the pathology department in Newcastle. Now, as well as research involvement, he travels the world taking spectacular photographs, and cares for his family.

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