National Ophthalmology Clinical Specialty Leads


Clinical Lead

East Midlands

Professor Anthony King


Mr George Saleh

Eastern (Chair)

Professor Rupert Bourne

Greater Manchester

Ms Jane Ashworth

Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Mr Nishal Patel

Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Professor Geeta Menon

North East and North Cumbria

Dr Deepali Varma

North Thames

Mr Praveen Patel

North West Coast

Professor Simon Harding

North West London

Dr Sheena George

Northern Ireland

Professor Jonathan Jackson

Northern Ireland

Miss Giuliana Silvestri


Dr Roshini Sanders

South London

Dr Christopher Hammond

South West Peninsula

Ms Brinda Shah

Thames Valley and South Midlands

Ms Susan Downes


Professor Marcela Votruba


Professor Andrew Lotery

West Midlands

Dr Velota Sung

West of England

Dr Clare Bailey

Yorkshire and Humber

Dr Martin McGibbin

Yorkshire and Humber

Mr Faruque Ghanchi

Yorkshire and Humber

Mr Richard Gale

Yorkshire and Humber

Dr Louise Downey

Administrator (Eastern)

Heather Pearman