Life Sciences Industry

The NIHR proactively supports the life sciences industry to develop new treatments, diagnostics and medical technologies at both early and late phases. The Life Sciences Industry section of our website outlines the services, expertise, facilities and resources that are available to help companies bring their research and development programmes to the UK and successfully deliver clinical trials and studies in NHS.


The NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI) provides a valuable resource for the global life sciences industry during early phase.

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Get Involved

We work to promote the successful delivery of research studies in the NHS and to help plan new studies that will address patient’s needs. We support a wide range of research studies including:

  • Common dental diseases
  • Oral diseases and conditions (such as oral cancer and orthodontic problems)
  • Promoting oral health at an individual and public health level
  • Prevention and management for all dental diseases, related conditions and their longer term impacts
  • Development and testing of new technologies

NIHR Facilities

How to access support

Find out how to apply for Clinical Research Network support and how your study can benefit from our Study Support Service.

Find you local clinical research network

The Local Clinical Research Network (LCRN) teams can provide researchers and clinicians with practical guidance and support for successfully running studies in local areas. Please visit the NIHR in your area homepage to find your LCRN.

What else do we offer?

For more information on local opportunities contact your Local Clinical Research Network to get involved in their work, or in research studies that are running locally.

Information for Patients, Carers and the Public

Patients are at the centre of our work. As a patient, carer or as a member of the public you can get involved by taking part in research, or by helping to shape research. There are several ways you can do this. 

Taking part in research

If you are interested in participating in research you can:

  • Ask your healthcare professional about research that you may be eligible for
  • Visit the UK Clinical Trials Gateway website which provides easy to understand information about clinical research trials running in the UK and gives access to a large range of information about these trials. It is designed to enable you and your clinician to locate and contact trials of interest to you.
  • to find out more about current Oral and Dental health studies, you can view list of active studies on the NIHR Clinical Research Network porfolio database

To find out more please visit the NIHR Patients and the Public page.

Patient and public involvement in research

If you are interested in becoming involved in research visit the NIHR Patients and the Public page to find out more.

Want to participate in Research but need GCP Training? 

We have developed a free online Oral & Dental Health  GCP Course

Visit the CRN Learn webpage to find out more about this and other courses we offer.  

National Oral and Dental Health Clinical Specialty Leads

Each of our 15 Local Clinical Research Networks has at least one nominated local Clinical Specialty Research Lead for Oral and Dental health. These clinicians lead research groups to promote and support Oral and Dental health research within the NHS Trusts in their area.

At a national level the local leads come together to manage the national Oral and Dental health clinical research portfolio. This involves regularly reviewing the progress of studies, identifying barriers to recruitment, and coming up with solutions and strategies to help overcome those barriers. Our National Specialty Group of clinical experts offer advice and support to commercial and non-commercial customers looking to conduct research in the NHS.

Meet our National Oral and Dental Health Specialty Leads

Have Your Say - Help Shape the Future of Oral and Dental Health Research!

 A ground breaking partnership is to be launched to identify unanswered questions relating to oral and dental health research from a patient and clinical perspective. 

Initiated by the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network Oral and Dental Health Specialty Group in collaboration with the Dental Schools Council and Public Health England these organisations have come together to form the Oral and Dental Health Priority Setting Partnership with the James Lind Alliance. This means that for the first time, people directly affected by the oral and dental health care and treatment will get a chance to have their say in setting the research priorities within this area.

Oral and Dental Health is an under researched area which requires greater attention and focus.  The aim of this partnership is to ensure that future research brings the greatest possible benefits to patients and practicing clinicians by identifying what questions are of greatest importance to them.

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