Working With Our Stakeholders

Dentistry represents a unique facet of the work of the NHS, with around 8000 dental practices across the UK- funded and supported quite separately from the rest of the NHS. The majority of the population use NHS services so it has a wide reach and those that are involved in this specialist area of commissioning are key partners and stakeholders in our research.

We work closely with key stakeholders such as Public Health England and NHS England to ensure that our services can quickly adopt new techniques and that decisions are made with the best knowledge and direction.

Unlike much of the rest of health, the role of the pharmaceutical industry in dentistry is relatively limited given the surgical nature of much of our work.  However, a wide range of devices and consumer healthcare products have an important role to play in improving oral health. We are developing a close relationship with the wider dental industry with a view to facilitating both  highly focussed product evaluation research and wider scale population research.

Oral health is also an important component of general health with strong links between oral and systemic disease.  Other practitioners in health care are key partners including general practitioners, pharmacists and various medical and surgical specialties.

Royal College of Surgeons (RCS)

The Oral & Dental Specialty also has productive relationships with the RCS through the Faculty of Dental Practitioners and the Faculty of General Dental Practice:

  • The Faculty of Dental Practitioners is represented on the Oral & Dental Specialty Group
  • The NIHR CRN had major presence (presentation and stand) at the Clinical & Translational Research Symposium held at the RCS in July 2016 which was aimed at oral and dental health professionals considering a career in research.
  • The NIHR CRN is working with the Faculty of Dental Practitioners as part of a group of stakeholders engaged in a James Lind Alliance priority setting exercise for Oral & Dental Health research priorities.

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