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To find out more about current oral and dental health studies you can view a list of studies on the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio Database.

Working with the Life Sciences

The NIHR Clinical Research Network Cancer has been enormously successful in integrating clinical research into NHS clinical service provision, and both developing and delivering a large practice changing portfolio of clinical trials.

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Our Studies


Our Specialty aims to support all research relating to the mouth, oral health and dentistry across the full range of research disciplines and settings.  Primary and secondary care are both well represented on our portfolio as are studies relating to public health.  We also jointly support studies with several other groups across the Network

Studies in oral and dental health cover:

  • Managing dental caries in younger children
  • Strategies for managing oral cancers
  • Developing and evaluating new technologies for the early detection of periodontal disease
  • Understanding the links between oral and systemic diseases
  • The health and cost impact of the routine dental treatments and procedures (such as the recall interval and the scale and polish)
  • Hyperbaric oxygen treatment of mandibular osteoradionecrosis
  • Reducing the re-occurrence of childhood dental caries
  • The impact of different ways of working in providing dental care

Study highlights

FiCTION Dental Trial – Fillings in children’s teeth

Dental cavities in children are still highly prevalent in the UK and dentists carry out many thousands of procedures up and down the country every day to manage this. However, there is uncertainty amongst dentists as to the best way of managing this in deciduous (first) teeth. This trial looks at this uncertainty by investigating three different approaches. The results of the trial will inform policy, guidance and future teaching on managing dental caries in children.


INTERVAL – Dental recalls trial

This is a trial to investigate whether risk based recall intervals or a fixed period 24 month recall are more effective in maintaining oral health than the traditional fixed period 6 month recall.


INCENTIVE - Dental contracting

A mixed methods evaluation comparing an innovation in commissioning and delivery of primary dental care traditional dental contracting.


You can find out more about Oral and Dental health studies in your area through the UK Clinical Trials Gateway.

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