Clinical Lead

Specialty National Lead (Chair)  Prof. Philip Evans
East Midlands(South)  Dr Jaspal Taggar
East Midlands(North)  Dr Simon Royal
Eastern  Dr Amrit Takhar
Greater Manchester  Dr Sheila Mccorkindale
Kent Surrey Sussex  Dr Paul Deffley
North East and North Cumbria  Dr Justine Norman
North Thames  Chas Thenuwara
North Thames  Mehul Mathuku
North West Coast  Dr Simon Wetherell
North West Coast  Dr Peter Arthur
North West Coast  Dr Umesh Chauhan
North West London  David Mummery
South London  Dr Ellen Wright
South West Peninsula  Dr Lisa Gibbons
Thames Valley and South Midlands  Dr Nick Thomas
West Midlands  Dr Mark Porcheret
West Midlands  Dr David Shukla
West Midlands  Prof Jeremy Dale
West Midlands  Dr Mark Stone
West Midlands  Dr Toby Helliwell
Wessex  Dr Anna Lalonde
West of England  Dr Tony Crockett
Yorkshire and Humber  Dr Nat Wright