Working with our Stakeholders

We work with research charities, including the Stroke Association, and patient support organisations to ensure that studies meet patient needs and are successfully delivered in the NHS.

Collaboration with other clinical specialties is integral to service delivery and research into stroke. We work closely with other specialties, such as: Cardiovascular, Injuries and emergencies, Haematology, Primary care, and Dementias and neuro-degeneration. This provides access to support and expertise which helps to maximise opportunities for recruitment of study participants.

Stroke research is undertaken not only by stroke physicians, but also allied health professionals such as: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech and language therapists, paramedics and stroke research nurses. Through the NIHR Clinical Research Network you can rapidly access the most appropriate professionals to carry out your trial.

Collaboration with the Devolved Nations

Clinical research is being undertaken across the United Kingdom. We continue to work closely with the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish clinical research networks to support the design and delivery of high quality research

The Stroke Association

The Stroke Association is a national charity providing support, advice and information to people who’ve had strokes, their family, carers and healthcare professionals.

British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation is the nation's heart charity and the largest independent funder of cardiovascular research.

British Association of Stroke Physicians (BASP)

BASP is a UK body for stroke physicians specialising in all aspects of stroke to promote the advancement of stroke medicine.