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Core team

Chief operating officer

Rebecca McKay

T: 01489 771 110



Deputy chief operating officer 

Clare Rook

T: 01489 771 110


Responsible for anaesthesia/peri-operative medicine and pain management, critical care, injuries & emergencies, surgery, ear, nose & throat, infectious diseases/microbiology, ophthalmology, respiratory disorders, gastroenterology and hepatology


Research delivery manager

Jocelyn Walters

T: 02381 205 112


Responsible for cancer, paediatrics, genetics and reproductive health


Research delivery manager

Rebecca Croucher

T: 02380 475 865


Responsible for cardiovascular, stroke, renal, diabetes, mental health, DeNDRoN and neurology


Research delivery manager 

Martine Cross 

T: 01489 771 028


Responsible for primary care, musculoskeletal, age and ageing, dermatology and public health


Clinical director

Professor Robert Peveler

T: 02381 208 948



Industry operations manager

Carolina Paras

T: 01489 771 119



Business intelligence manager

Graham Halls

T: 01489 771 107


Communications & engagement manager 

Kim Appleby

T: 01489 771 027



CRN host organisation

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Mailing Address:

CRN Wessex
Unit 7
Berrywood Business Village
Tollbar Way
Hedge End
SO30 2UN

Phone: 01489 771 110