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Here are some ways we have made a difference to people's lives.

Professor Jane Nixon: A decade of research with the NIHR

This year the National Institute for Health Research is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Insight Monthly caught up with Professor Jane Nixon, Deputy Director of the Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit, who has recently been appointed as an NIHR Senior Investigator. This prestigious award recognises her contribution to research over the last decade.

Growing up - CRN children at 10

In 2007, the clinical research environment for children underwent a major transformation. The European Union introduced its Paediatric Regulation, which meant that any company developing a drug for adults was legally obliged to consider how it could be developed for children. It’s no coincidence that two years earlier, the NIHR introduced its Medicines for Children Research Network. Insight Magazine looked at the impact of the Network on the clinical research environment in England and beyond.

Patient hailed a hero by a doctor in short film about clinical research

In this short film to celebrate International Clinical Trials Day 2017, a Cardiology Consultant and trial participants share their thoughts on taking part in research.