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The Clinical Research Network Yorkshire and Humber provides a number of different services which support the delivery of clinical research in the region.

Study Support Service

The Study Support Service (SSS) helps researchers and the life sciences industry plan, set up and deliver high-quality research to time and target in the NHS in England. The service is provided by all 15 Local Clinical Research Networks for all studies eligible for network support, regardless of location, study type, study size, therapy or research area. Our Yorkshire and Humber Study Support Service staff are based in the NHS and work closely with Research and Development offices and research teams, providing access to best practice study tools and resources that minimise duplication across sites.

The Study Support Service provides support via the following work streams:

  • Early contact and engagement: SSS offers feedback on grant applications and patient pathways
  • Early feedback
  • Site identification
  • Optimising delivery
  • Effective study set-up
  • Performance monitoring

Further information regarding the support available can be accessed by contacting the Study Support Service:

To access our performance reports, visit the Reports page on our intranet (open to all):

Here you will find:

  • Recruitment to Time and Target report
  • Specialty reports
  • New studies report
  • New studies booklets


The Industry team is responsible for all stages of the life cycle of commercial research studies. Our aim is to work with all staff who are interested or involved in commercial research to ensure that we continue to grow and deliver for our industry partners and our patients.

The Industry team provides support in the following work streams:

  • Feasibility
  • Study set-up
  • Performance management
  • Business development 

For more information, contact the Industry team:

Primary Care/Community research

The Clinical Research Network Yorkshire and Humber has a dedicated primary care research delivery team. The team provides support in the following ways:

  • Identifies primary care organisations which want to get involved in research 
  • Study set-up
  • Training and development of primary care staff
  • Performance management
  • Supports research in oral and dental settings, care homes and pharmacists, among others

If you would like further information, contact:

Training and development

The Clinical Research Network Yorkshire and Humber offers a number of training and development opportunities particularly in the area of Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Click here for more information.

Join Dementia Research (Yorkshire and Humber region)

A dedicated team supports Join Dementia Research studies in Yorkshire and Humber:  

Become a JDR Lay champion!

Who are the Join Dementia Research Lay Champions?

The Champions are a group of people from around the UK, with and without memory problems, who care about dementia research, and want to play a role in accelerating progress. They have volunteered to raise awareness of the importance of clinical research and Join Dementia Research in their communities and at local events.

What does a Champion do?

The activities we ask Join Dementia Research Lay Champions to help with may include:

  • Contacting and engaging with local community groups and key individuals to raise awareness of Join Dementia Research in the area
  • Giving talks and sharing information at Memory Cafés or local forums
  • Working with the Local Clinical Research Network or memory services to share information
  • Acting as a local spokesperson, such as speaking to and providing quotes for local or national media
  • Helping distribute Join Dementia Research leaflets and posters at local organisations and events

It is a voluntary role, and there is no requirement to commit to a fixed number of hours or any length of time.

What can you expect in return?

As a Join Dementia Research Lay Champion, you will be:

  • Part of a wider patient-led community
  • Exchanging knowledge, raising awareness and helping the public understand dementia
  • Helping us make an impact on future dementia research
  • Investing in your local community

To find out more or to apply to become a Join Dementia Research Lay Champion please email providing your name, contact details and a brief description of how you would like to get involved.

JDR Yorkshire and Humber Lead Clive Nicholson: