Celebrating Clinical Research Nurses National Meetings

Each year the NIHR hosts a celebration day meeting for NIHR Clinical Research Nurses. The day marks International Nurses Day on 12 May every year.

The theme of the meetings is 'Celebrating Clinical Research Nurses', celebrating the care nurses bring to the patient experience, the leadership they bring to the delivery of research and the innovation nurses bring to the clinical research field.

The meetings feature presentations from speakers who work in the clinical research environment, and gives delegates the opportunity to present their work in posters.

On 12 May 2017, we held our fifth meeting, which was themed around Clinical Research Nurses as Leaders. The title for the event was "Contributing to new futures: Clinical Research Nurses, voices that lead" which attracted hundreds of research nurses from across England, all passionate about delivering high quality research for patients in the NHS.

To find out more about the event, you can go to the event site here

View our latest interviews with Research Nurses from the 2017 event!

Do you want an insight into what Research Nurses thoughts are on the future and what they enjoy about their role? View our three interviews with Research Nurses from the event:

  1. What do NIHR Clinical Research Nurses love about Research Nursing?
  2. How do you see clinical research changing in the next five years? 
  3. Clinical Research Nurses as Leaders - What's your leadership secret?

Information from the 2017 event and previous events can be found from the links below:

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