Clinical Research Practitioners

Clinical Research Practitioners (CRPs) are crucial to delivering the clinical research that is transforming treatment in the NHS and the care we receive.

CRPs bring a wealth of research knowledge and expertise to the delivery of safe, ethical and high quality clinical research care. Around a quarter of the workforce funded by the NIHR Clinical Research Network are working in CRP roles – their enthusiasm and expertise is essential to the future of clinical research.

Raising the profile of Clinical Research Practitioners

We must ensure the role of these new practitioners is understood and valued by patients and health professionals alike. The NIHR is committed to supporting the development of the professional identity and practice of Clinical Research Practitioners.

The NIHR – working in collaboration with the Academy for Healthcare Science – has established a Directory for Clinical Research Practitioners. The Directory will provide the foundation to further develop the professional identity of CRPs and establish a means of accredited registration, similar to that found in nursing, pharmacy and other allied health professions.

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The road to recognition

In this video Clinical Research Practitioner Kayleigh Gilbert talks about her role and her anticipation of an accredited register for CRPs, sharing what this development will mean personally and how it will support the professional identity of CRPs as a group.