Learning and Development

We offer a range of resources to develop your knowledge of clinical research and support you to do what you do best.

Modern Workplace Learning

There are so many ways to learn. Modern Workplace Learning is much more than attending a formal training course or engaging in e-learning. It’s about taking control of your own ‘learning journey’. Personal self-directed learning and collaboration with others is vital to foster a culture of improvement and innovation within the NIHR.

National Learning Directory

The National Learning Directory is a hub for learning and sharing ideas. It consists of Programmes, Resources and Communities.

National Learning Programmes

are structured programmes developed by leaders in the clinical research field. They are at the core of what the NIHR does. For example, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training is the international standard to which all clinical research is conducted. 

National Learning Resources

are aimed at those in clinical research leadership roles who are keen to support the learning and development of colleagues.

National Learning Communities

are a way for health and social care professionals to connect with others in their field. Communities and networks are crucial to learning, sharing best practice and generating new ideas.

Local Learning

Find out what’s going your part of the organisation or country. Whatever your role and wherever you are based there are always opportunities to learn.