Learning and Development

In this section you will find a range of resources to support you to develop your understanding, skills and expertise in clinical research.

The section is designed to help you identify the sort of learning and development opportunities that are available and to help you make an easy choice about what best meets your needs.


The National Directory

These are structured learning programmes which have been developed by international leaders from the clinical research field and are appropriately accredited. Programmes on the National Directory are core to enabling the work of the NIHR.


National Learning Resources

The materials on this part of the site are intended to be used by individuals with a leadership role in clinical research to support the development of colleagues. These learning resources will have been through a rigorous review process and will have been evaluated as an effective learning intervention.


National Learning Communities

Supporting NIHR key communities to network and share is the function of this part of the site. Here you will find a variety of activity. Events, workshops and problem solving are all facilitated through the community specific pages.


Local Learning

All parts of our organisation are involved in learning and from this part of the site you can quickly find out what is going on locally in your part of the country or organisation.

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