NIHR Leadership Support and Development Programme

The NIHR Leadership Support and Development Programme aims to improve the quality of research leadership in clinical and applied health and social care research.

The programme focuses on leadership development that contributes to research performance and to the strategic priorities of the NIHR. The programme supports NIHR Leaders and Faculty Members, senior NIHR managers and NHS R&D Directors and Managers, who support the aims of NIHR through their vital role in supporting and enabling research in the NHS.


The NIHR Leadership programme offers benefits to:

  • NIHR Leaders and Trainees, members of the NIHR Faculty and senior NIHR managers – to support and help them to be more effective in their challenging roles
  • The NHS R&D community - to help them facilitate high quality research
  • Patients and public – who gain from research-active and research-aware institutions, leading to better patient care and outcomes

The current programme has a number of work streams:

  • NIHR Leaders
  • NIHR Trainees
  • NHS R&D Directors and Managers
  • NIHR Strategic Collaborations

The current contract for provision of the NIHR leadership programme ends at the end of July 2018 and all places for cohorts for the Leadership Programme 2015-2018 have now been filled.

We anticipate that a new programme will commence in Autumn 2018. This is subject to approval by the Department of Health and a procurement process to commission a supplier. Further information will be provided on the website and dates for the 2018 programme will be published thereafter.

If you have any queries, please contact the NIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre on 0113 346 6260.


Two independent evaluations of the NIHR Leadership Programme have been carried out by RAND Europe since the programme began which highlighted the value of the programme at the individual, institutional and NIHR-wide levels.

In addition the NHS R&D Managers element of the programme was awarded a Gold Award at the 2015 European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Excellence in Practice Awards.