Partnership Fellowships

As part of the new structure of NIHR Fellowships, the NIHR Academy is partnering with seven of the UK's leading medical charities for the first time, to offer jointly funded Partnership Fellowships, at both Doctoral and Advanced (post-doctoral) level.

  • Diabetes UK
  • Kidney Research UK
  • Moorfields Eye Charity
  • MS Society
  • Muscular Dystrophy UK
  • Pancreatic Cancer UK
  • Parkinson's UK


Jointly funded Partnership Fellowships will:

  • Allow researchers the opportunity to maintain and build a relationship with both the NIHR and Charity Partner
  • Enable researchers to engage with and receive valuable input from patient groups, making the most of the public and patient engagement/involvement opportunities available. 
  • Provide greater research exposure through a variety of media and communication channels.

The Guidance Notes contain further details regarding the specific eligibility criteria for each charity partner (in addition to the standard eligibility criteria), the level of award available and the contact details for the relevant charity.

We encourage all applicants interested in applying for a jointly funded Partnership Fellowship to contact the relevant charity partner to discuss their application. Please note; all other queries about the application process should be directed to the NIHR Academy.


Partnership Fellowships are now open

The submission procedure and deadline for applying for a jointly funded partnership fellowship is the same as the standard NIHR fellowship application.

For further details, including the Fellowship timetables, please see the Guidance Notes.

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