Information for Prospective Applicants

Training and career development awards from the NIHR range from undergraduate level to opportunities for established investigators and research leaders. They are open to a wide range of professions and different career pathways.

Awards are managed by the NIHR Academy and include:

  • personal awards, which are applied for directly.
  • institutional awards, which should be applied for through the host institution.


Why apply for an award from the NIHR Academy?

The NIHR Academy supports individuals at all stages of their research careers. Whether you’re looking to improve your research skills before applying for a PhD, or want to establish yourself as an independent researcher, an award from the NIHR Academy will help to develop your research skills.

The NIHR also provides a range of leadership and mentoring programmes to complement its training programmes, regular networking opportunities, bespoke workshops and events and personal advice and guidance on funding opportunities.

Those with awards managed by the NIHR Academy can find more useful information on the Managing your Award page.


How to apply for an NIHR Academy Award

If you’d like to know more about which award or programme is right for you, you can:

Applications for personal training awards should be made through ARAMIS (Academy Research Awards Management Information System).

If you are applying for an award, you may register with ARAMIS to complete and edit your personal profile at any time. You will only be able to access the application form and guidance notes for an award while the scheme is open.

Applications for NIHR Academy awards are carried out on a one or two stage basis. A list of the information you will need to provide can be found on this research training application form.


Useful information for prospective applicants

Building a research career: A guide for aspiring clinical academics (excluding doctors and dentists) and their managers.

NIHR Remit for Training Programme Awards: All research funded by the NIHR as part of a training award managed by the NIHR Academy must fall within this remit.

Funding and Awards: Search for and analyse information on NIHR supported activity in health and care research, including expenditure and research findings.


What’s involved in a training and career development award?

An NIHR Academy award will put you on a path to develop your career in medical research, but what’s it actually like? Read these first-hand accounts from some of our NIHR Academy Members.

If you have any questions please contact the NIHR Academy on 0113 532 8444 or


Information for host organisations

Organisations that host our Fellowships enter into a contract with the Department of Health. Examples of these contracts are available to download here:


Contract information

In January 2017 the NIHR, along with a number of other funders of health research, set out a number of principles and obligations for UK institutions and clinical trainees in receipt of nationally competitive funding for clinical academic research training. As part of NIHR’s role to ensure institutions commit to these obligations, from April 2017 contracts for NIHR research training awards will require institutions to agree to a new clause which protects certain accrued employment rights. Contracts used for schemes launched before April 2017 are available on request from


Conflict of Interest for review panel members

The NIHR Academy relies on numberous review Panels of unpaid experts to review and assess the quality and suitability of applications for its awards.

Read our policy for identifying and handling conflicts of interests (COI) at any review panel meeting.


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