ACF Posts and Run Through Training

For specialties without a core training period, the ACF will enter directly into the specialty programme.

For specialties with a core training period, there are two types of academic programmes:

  • Those which are advertised as not specialty specific e.g. Medicine or Medical Education.  The ACF could enter into an academic core training programme for 2-3 years during which clinical and academic specialisation would occur according to individual preferences and local academic opportunities.  Thus a generic medical programme might lead to PhD proposals in, for instance, Cardiology, Endocrinology or Gastroenterology.
  • Those which are advertised as specialty specific e.g. Gastroenterology or Care of the Elderly. The ACF would have direct appointment to a specialty-specific academic programme (e.g. Gastroenterology) even if they were appointed at ST1 or ST2 (or ST3 in Psychiatry).  Progression would be directly into the advertised specialty as long as core competences were obtained.  Specialty specific ACFs are therefore considered as run through posts for the duration of the ACF.