Senior Investigators

Our Senior Investigators are among the most prominent and prestigious researchers funded by the NIHR and the most outstanding leaders of patient and people-based research within the NIHR research community.

Senior Investigators are appointed from NIHR Investigators through annual competitions informed by the advice of an international panel of experts. The Senior Investigator Directory, updated in April each year, provides details of these individuals.

In total, over 300 Senior Investigators have now been appointed, with the number of active Senior Investigator awards maintained at around 200. 

Senior Investigators are each awarded a discretionary fund of £15k per year. In addition, NHS institutions with whom Senior Investigators are associated and which are eligible for Research Capability Funding (RCF), attracting an additional element of RCF for each of their Senior Investigators.

Together, Senior Investigators constitute the NIHR College of Senior Investigators, a prestigious body with its own programme of events. NIHR Senior Investigators provide visible leadership within the NIHR. Members of the college also act as a key source of advice to the Department of Health and Social Care's Chief Scientific Adviser. 

What do NIHR Senior Investigators do?

  • Provide research leadership to the NIHR research community, promoting clinical and applied research in health and social care
  • Help with planning and speaking at events
  • Host visiting fellows and mentor Trainees
  • Constitute a network of experts, able to provide advice to the Department of Health and Social Care's Chief Scientific Adviser.

To find out more about the benefits and eligibility for NIHR Senior Investigators, please consult our Briefing Document.

Annual event

The NIHR College of Senior Investigators hold an event each autumn, to allow Senior Investigators to network with their colleagues, learn more about the diverse work of the NIHR and act as ambassadors. 

Nominating body for ACCEA

The NIHR was awarded nominating body status by the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) in 2009. If you would like more information on being nominated via your status as an NIHR Senior Investigator, please contact


College of NIHR Senior Investigators

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