Support your study

We can support your study via our coordinating centres if you have been funded by us, or via our facilities and the Clinical Research Network if you are a health professional conducting non-commercial or commercial studies.

Life science companies and medical research charities fund hundreds of millions of pounds of clinical trials and studies, which are supported by our Clinical Research Network and the NHS.

There are many different ways in which we can support you in delivering your research study:

Coordinating Centres

Our research programmes, managed through our Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre (NETSCC) and Central Commissioning Facility (CCF), support researchers in delivering research studies with advice and support on study start-up, monitoring of progress throughout the life of the trial and encouraging the publication and dissemination of results.


Our Clinical Research Network (CRN)

The CRN provides the infrastructure that allows clinical research to take place in the NHS by helping researchers and the life sciences industry to set up clinical studies quickly and effectively, providing health professionals with research training and working with patients to ensure their needs are at the very centre of all research activity.

The Health Research Authority Approval is the recommended route for researchers and industry to gain NHS approval and support for commercial and non-commercial clinical research studies in England.

Working with Arthritis Research UK

In order to understand the most urgent questions around the treatment of arthritis, the charity Arthritis Research UK established eight clinical study groups focusing on different areas of arthritis research. Membership of each Arthritis Clinical Study Group comprises the key stakeholders in that research area including the clinicians, surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists and patients. Each group is tasked with identifying national research priorities for that area and articulating them as a research strategy. One such example involves Arthritis Research UK in co-funding a trial of anti-tumour necrosis factor (anti-TNF, a class of drugs used to treat and reduce inflammation and disease progression) with the NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme, to treat sight threatening uveitis, inflammation of the middle layer of the eye, in children with juvenile arthritis. Read more about the clinical study groups.


If you would like to partner with us to conduct a clinical research study contact: 

Tel. +44 (0)113 343 4555

National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network