Engaging health and social care colleagues in research

NIHR study support service

Every year, more than half a million people take part in clinical research to help improve healthcare and develop life-saving treatments in the NHS and care organisations. It’s important that everyone who is involved in the health and care of patients is aware of the research that’s taking place around them and the NIHR has developed a range of tools and support materials to encourage more people to get involved in research.


From the list below, select the category which best describes you to access a set of resources to help you be more confident about clinical research and what it means:




As a healthcare professional you’ll find a range of resources to support colleagues in getting involved with research, and help you to encourage more patients to take part in research 


As a research-active clinician, allied health professional, or academic you will find a range of resources explaining how the NIHR can help you to conduct and deliver research.

Patients, carers and public

Improving patient treatment and care through research is only possible with the involvement of patients, carers and the public. Find out more about how you can get involved in research.

NHS Management

Encouraging a research-positive culture in health and care organisations is important to improve the care received by patients. Find out how other organisations embedded research into practice.


Public health and social care is a growing area of research and requires support from local government, hospices and social care providers, among others, to further develop. Find out more about how you can get involved.