Use our facilities

We are a major supporter and funder of collaborative health and care research. Our centres and facilities in the NHS provide the means for researchers in industry, the NHS and universities, charities and other funders to conduct research studies and trials in world-leading infrastructure and accelerate their clinical outcomes.

We work to speed up the development of clinical research in this country by:

  • strengthening research collaboration with partners including charities, the life sciences industry and public funders of research
  • providing access to well-characterised cohorts of patients within the 60 million people who use the NHS
  • ensuring that the NHS can meet the health research needs of industry and help de-risk investment
  • improving the quality, speed and coordination of clinical research by removing barriers to research in the NHS. 

“Timely access to high quality clinical infrastructure is a critical success factor for biotechnology companies. The contributions made by NIHR and the Institute of Cancer Research to Chroma’s research highlight the significant benefits of tapping into the UK’s clinical capabilities.”

Richard Bungay, Chief Executive Officer, Chroma Therapeutics

Life science companies can access our research facilities via the NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI). For later-phase studies the NIHR Clinical Research Network also works with the life sciences industry to set-up and deliver clinical trials in the NHS across a wide range of disease and therapeutic areas.

Our investment in research facilities provides a firm foundation to support the research portfolios of UK medical research charities. A workshop between the NIHR and the AMRC: Getting the most out of clinical research, was held to help medical research charities and the NIHR gain a better mutual understanding and find the right people to work with.


If you would like to use our facilities contact NOCRI at or call on +44 (0)20 3794 7380.