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We offer life science companies a range of services and support

This includes access to research centres, facilities and experts in the UK’s NHS and Universities who are equipped to work in partnership with industry on the development of new treatments, diagnostics, medical devices and digital solutions.

We facilitate access to our range of services, and can support companies to set up collaborations in a streamlined and efficient way. We understand that different companies at different stages of clinical development have different requirements and sometimes a conversation early on can help point you in the right direction.

  • NIHR Signposting Service
    Have you drafted a protocol yet? If not, then our Signposting Service is a good place to start. We can discuss what type of support you might need and set you on the right path.

  • Early Contact and Engagement Service
    If you have a protocol drafted or study synopsis then you probably need to speak to our Early Contact and Engagement team. We can help you explore the support that is available in the UK to help you run your study. This includes access to tools to help with the costing and contracting of your study for NHS sites.

    You may also be interest to know how our services complement the paid-for support services that are provided by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). We've created an interactive image to help you navigate the different kinds of help and support available.

If you know what type of expertise you want to access then you might find the following links useful.

  • Patient Engagement in Clinical Development Service
    The primary aim of this service is to bring patients and life science companies together earlier in the clinical development process, before a study protocol is finalised, so that patients can help companies to make the trial design as patient-friendly as it can be.
  • Early Feedback Service
    Find out if your study is feasible in the UK.  We will access NHS clinical experts working in the relevant therapeutic areas to advise on the feasibility and deliverability of your study in the NHS.
  • NIHR services for MedTech
    We have a range of support specifically  for medical device, digital technology and diagnostic companies (collectively known as MedTech) to help successfully translate innovative ideas into the clinical setting. Our experts and support teams are based within NHS organisations and universities throughout England.
  • Surgical Technology Evaluation
    For companies and innovators looking to undertake research on new surgical medical devices and technology, the Surgical Technology Evaluation Portal provides a single point of contact to expert clinicians and research active surgeons in the NHS.
  • Complex and innovative trial design and delivery
    Clinical trials are evolving to find new, faster and more efficient ways to bring new treatments to patients. The NIHR has been supporting the delivery of novel, complex and innovative clinical trials for over a decade.

“Without the support of MindTech and the NIHR, there is no way that this study would have got off the ground. I’m a layman, it’s the first time I have done something like this and although we’ve got a great product, I don’t profess to have any of the connections required to do a research project in the NHS. We are now sat here with a study being finished and we are just about ready for publication, and that’s primarily down to those guys.”
Steve Hutchinson, Managing Director, The Microcurrent Site

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