Surgical Technology Evaluation

The Surgical Technology Evaluation Portal (STEP) provides companies and innovators with a single point of access to expert clinicians and research active surgeons in the NHS, for the purpose of undertaking research on new surgical medical devices and technologies.

The STEP was developed by the NIHR in conjunction with the Department of Health and Social Care, and the Royal College of Surgeons in order to provide companies with:

  • early engagement with specialist research, clinical and technical experts and teams in the NHS
  • efficient development of the device or technology
  • safe and high quality research
  • access to clinical trials specialists, including the NIHR Clinical Research Network
  • support with generation of evidence
  • rapid feedback to the innovator or company.

Who is this for?

Any companies or innovators who are looking to develop innovative surgical medical devices and technologies can access this service. However, it is not able to support research into existing technologies or devices.


By linking world-leading researchers in the NIHR with research active surgeons, the resulting multidisciplinary teams can provide rapid feedback to the innovator and undertake high quality collaborative research. This can support the generation of evidence that could lead to faster and safer adoption of new surgical technologies into the NHS.

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