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Optimising delivery

We call our  site intelligence service ‘Optimising Delivery’ because that’s exactly what we aim to do. As with all our Study Support Services, this service is free of charge.

If you have preselected your sites, this service provides an opportunity for us to confirm that there is adequate capacity and capability to deliver your study at those sites.

We utilise local site and study data and our local expertise to sense check your recruitment targets. For example, we can determine if there are any competing studies and identify any potential resource issues. This intelligence is designed to supplement your own feasibility, site qualification and selection activities, giving you greater confidence in setting site targets and improving the predictability of site set-up and recruitment.

If you have not already benefited from our Early contact and engagement service, we will  undertake an assessment to establish and enable the type of support you will need.  We will also assess and determine your eligibility for continued Clinical Research Network support at site level.

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Get started by  contacting the Study Support Service Helpdesk

If your study is already part of the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio and you need support or help with investigators, site set-up, or recruitment issues, contact your local Industry Operations Manager for support.

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