Patient Research Ambassadors

Patient Research Ambassadors

What is a Patient Research Ambassador?

A Patient Research Ambassador is someone who promotes health research from a patient point of view. They could be a patient, service user, carer or lay person who is enthusiastic about health research and is willing to communicate that to other patients, the public, as well as other healthcare professionals.

Why do we need Patient Research Ambassadors?

We would like to involve both patients and NHS researchers to recognise the importance of research in delivering health care. As a Patient Research Ambassador you can help to ensure that people using local NHS care have the best opportunities and choices about taking part in research studies.

Many of us are already Patient Research Ambassadors

Many patients, carers, and members of the public are already doing excellent work in the healthcare research community and may not recognise themselves as ‘Patient Research Ambassadors’. In some cases the Patient Research Ambassador role might be an extension of or natural development of what you are already doing under a different name? This is not meant to replace any current research role you may be involved in. Find out more about the role of a Patient Research Ambassador.

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If you would like to speak to someone in your area about how to become a Patient Research Ambassador you can view a list of local contact details.

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