Ambassador Stories

Read the stories below and hear how Patient Research Ambassadors are promoting and raising awareness of health research in their regions. If you have a story to tell please share by emailing

  • Paul Charlton

    Paul Charlton

    05 December 2017

    Meet Paul... a Patient Research Ambassador with an interest in all health research
  • Gordon Moultrie

    Gordon Moultrie

    09 November 2017

    Meet Gordon... a Patient Research Ambassador with an interest in diabetes research
  • Carla


    31 October 2017

    Meet Carla... a patient research ambassador whose daughter has a rare neurological condition
  • Louise


    31 October 2017

    Meet Louise... a patient research ambassador who recently recovered from a sport injury
  • Sheila


    01 October 2017

    Meet Sheila A Patient Research Ambassador interested in mental health
  • Bill Ware

    Bill Ware

    01 September 2017

    Meet Bill... A Patient Research Ambassador making a difference in Portsmouth.
  • Tracey Shorthouse

    Tracey Shorthouse

    01 September 2017

    Meet Tracey... Who was diagnosed with early-onset dementia and now spreads the word about research.
  • Daniel Russell

    Daniel Russell

    01 August 2017

    Meet Daniel... A Patient Research Ambassador with an interest in asthma research.
  • Steve Hogg

    Steve Hogg

    01 August 2017

    Meet Steve... a patient research ambassador and life long Sunderland supporter who recently won a ‘Top Cat’ award for his contribution to research
  • Sophie Ainsworth

    Sophie Ainsworth

    01 July 2017

    Meet Sophie... a young patient research ambassador who recently won a local award for her very own project to support young people with invisible illnesses