Designing and managing

Designing research

Getting involved in the design of research helps to ensure that the research is relevant to the needs of people like you and also that the research question and outcomes are clear. 

Benefits of public involvement in research grant applications

Involving you at this very early stage helps to build and strengthen the relevance, quality and the ethics of the research and can also help to improve recruitment to the research. Public involvement in the design stage of the research can:

  • demonstrate to funders and commissioners that the topic is important and relevant to the end users of research and that they have been involved in the design of the research;
  • identify areas that might have ethical considerations and advise on solutions;
  • suggest ways that people can be meaningfully involved in the various stages of the research;
  • ensure that your recruitment process is practical and feasible;
  • help researchers develop a budget for public involvement and ensure that the time and the support needed for public involvement is built in to the research from the beginning;
  • suggest ways to ensure that diversity is addressed in the research;
  • help to develop written information in user friendly and plain language.

However, developing research grant applications can be a complex and lengthy process. You should consider how much of your time will be needed and that at the end of it all the research may still not get funded.

Managing research

One of the main ways that you can get involved in managing research is through membership of a study steering group or management committee.

Increasingly members of the public are taking a more active role in research as co-collaborators or in some cases as the principal investigators in studies. In these circumstances you will often be employed as a member of the research team.

Involving members of the public in managing research can help to ensure that:

  • a public perspective is maintained throughout an individual project or a programme of work;
  • public involvement in the project is properly budgeted and funded;
  • effective support is developed for members of the public involved in the study;
  • advice is available on improving the recruitment of participants to the study;
  • there is involvement in the selection process of staff and researchers for the study.

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