Continuing my learning and involvement

Research changed my life 
Learn from real patient stories of involvement in clinical research. 

Patient experience of research
Learning from patient experience to improve future research practice 

NIHR's publications
Learn more about the NIHR, what it does. Read the latest publications on public involvement and participation.

Online Learning: Clinical Research Network
Online and face to face courses from the Clinical Research Network

Information and guidance for all on public, patient involvement and engagement in research.


EUPATI Toolbox
Provides patients with accessible and reliable information on how medicines are developed.

Testing Treatments Interactive
Access to learning resources for those who want to develop and apply their critical thinking skills to treatment claims.

Research in care homes: ENRICH
Learn about the role residents, family members and friends can play in supporting high-quality research in care homes.

UK pharmaceutical sector
Find out more about the role of the UK pharmaceutical sector and its contribution to improving patient and health outcomes.