Opportunities for public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research

How to join in


An overview

Public involvement in research is when the research is carried out with or by members of the public rather than ‘to’, ‘about’, or ‘for’ them.

This includes, for example, working with research funders to prioritise research, offering advice as members of a project steering group, commenting on and developing research materials and undertaking research with research participants.

For more information, see about public involvement. 

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Seniors in the South East not living with family

We're seeking feedback on a potential new way for seniors to feel less isolated.

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Have you had sciatic leg pain caused by a prolapsed disc? We need your help.

Help us to ensure our study results are understandable and accessible to everyone.

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Supporting families affected by dementia

Could family therapy be used for families affected by dementia?

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Improving end of life care in care homes

Seeking to improve palliative and end of life care in care (nursing) homes

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Survey – share your views on the NHS in England

CRUK - your views on NHS England to ensure it delivers for people affected by cancer.

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Views wanted from former ICU patients and their relatives

We want to seek the views of former ICU patients to assist in the design of a new study.

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