Resources to support joining in

The following resources may be helpful to you in finding out more about health research and deciding whether or not being involved or participating is right for you:


Understanding Health Research - A tool for making sense of health studies (Medical Research Council)

UK Clinical Trials Gateway.

This website tells you more about research going on now. You can search for current clinical research of interest to you and see whether it is recruiting new patients.

NHS Choices - Clinical Trials

This helpful page tells you about clinical trials, what they are, what it is like to participate and how to find out about participating in a trial. 

Health Talk Online - Clinical Trials

A great site of videos of people talking about their experiences of being on a clinical trial. It includes experiences that are good and not so good.

Find out about the experience of taking part in research as a patient or member of the public.

INVOLVE Public Information Pack

The Public Information pack (PIP) is made up of four booklets and is for members of the public who are interested in getting involved in NHS, public health and social care research. The booklets have been produced with support and advice from members of the public to help ensure the kind of information people need when first getting involved in research is covered. 

Find out about the latest NIHR patient and public campaigns and initiatives

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