Participant in research experience survey

Research is a partnership between participant and researcher. Every year, the NIHR asks thousands of people who volunteered for health research to feedback on their experience so we can make improvements. We want to encourage over a million people to take part in research by 2023 so every response is important to us. 

90% had a good experience of taking part. 93% felt-well informed about the trial

A record-breaking 8,500 responses were collected in 2018/19. Our survey focused on two main questions and we found that of those respondents: 90% reported that they would agree or strongly agree that they had a good experience of taking part in research; 93% reported that they would agree or strongly agree that they were given all the information needed in relation to the study.

The survey will happen again across the country in 2019/20. If you take part in health research this year and want to share your experience, speak to the research staff you are in contact with to find out how and when you’ll be able to give feedback.

The staff were so friendly, knowledgeable and supportive that I was very sorry when the study came to an end.
Survey respondent, 2019

For more information about the most recent Participant in Research Experience Survey, read the full report.

The Research Participant Experience Cycle: Report and recommend - Action - Impact - Survey

We are committed to using patient insight to ensure that we continuously improve our research practice. The Participant in Research Experience Cycle is a continuous process through which the survey results are used to inform reports and recommendations, leading to actions. These actions will hopefully lead to positive impact in patient research experience, which will be measured through another survey, and so on.

Based on survey feedback, we have created a Participant in Research Experience Survey checklist to optimise the  for researchers which is designed to inform patient and public involvement and engagement in research design and delivery.

I believe taking part in research gives medical professionals and patients a better understanding of health conditions and how to improve treatment.
Survey respondent, 2019

How the NIHR is continuously improving research practice

A blog by Simon Denegri (NIHR National Director for patients, carers and the public) explains some more about the survey and how it helps to improve our practice every year.

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