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Divya Chadha Manek

Divya Chadha Manek

Divya Chadha Manek is the NIHR Clinical Research Network's (CRN) Director of Business Development & Marketing - where she leads a directorate responsible for increasing investment into UK health and social care research from both non-commercial and commercial research sponsors, including the global life sciences industry.

Divya has worked in clinical research for over 14 years in a variety of different roles. As the founding member of the NIHR CRN's national Business Development and Marketing function, over many years Divya has had responsibility for building and maintaining relationships with the life sciences industry to increase the volume of commercial clinical research supported by the NHS.

Off the back of her early success in life science industry engagement, Divya was appointed as the NIHR CRN’s Head of Commercial Business Development in 2015. Here, Divya led a programme of work implementing and delivering the five year national business development and marketing strategy for the NIHR CRN.

In 2020, Divya was seconded to the newly formed UK Vaccines Taskforce (VTF) which was set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to lead the UK’s search for a safe and effective vaccine. As the clinical trials lead for overseeing the UK COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials portfolio, Divya was responsible for supporting global pharmaceutical companies to rapidly generate the evidence required for marketing authorisation of COVID-19 vaccines.