Customers and partners


Principal users of information

The main users of information from the NIHR Horizon Scanning Research & Intelligence Centre are the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Technology Appraisal and Highly Specialised Technology programmes; the HTA and EME NIHR research programmes; the UK National Screening Committee and Programmes; and NHS England.


Other users include the Department of Health policy and research teams; the NICE Medical Technologies Evaluation, Diagnostic Assessment and Interventional Procedures programmes; Public Health England and wider NHS commissioners and providers.


The NIHR works closely with many UK organisations and individuals, as well as international networks and organisations.


We recognise the importance of working with manufacturers and developers to identify and prioritise emerging and new health technologies and welcome the opportunity to discuss development pipelines with commercial developers.

If you wish to send information to the NIHR Horizon Scanning Research & Intelligence Centre about any development you think we should investigate please complete the relevant information pro-forma. We undertake to respect any confidential or commercially sensitive information you provide.

The NIHR HSRIC uses information supplied by pharmaceutical manufacturers into UK PharmaScan and we encourage pharmaceutical companies to register for UK PharmaScan and input information on relevant products.