The NIHR Innovation Observatory’s principal horizon scanning outputs are technology briefings and alerts, and reviews of the horizon across diseases or within technology groups. The NIHR Innovation Observatory is carrying on the work previously supported by the NIHR Horizon Scanning Research & Intelligence Centre. All technology briefings and alerts produced since 2007 can be found on the NIHR Innovation Observatory website.

The Innovation Observatory’s technology-based briefings and other outputs are based on information available at the time of research, a limited literature search and information obtained through close working relationships with commercial developers. Briefings are not intended to be a definitive statement on the safety, efficacy or effectiveness of the health technology covered, and the Innovation Observatory makes no recommendations concerning the use of the particular technology.

Technology alerts are brief overviews of new and emerging devices, in vitro diagnostics, imaging techniques and procedures. They provide intelligence that may be of use to the research community and healthcare organisations including commissioners, hospital and community providers, health professionals and procurement staff as well as patients.


Researcher looking at some scans