NIHR achievements

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In 2016, NIHR commissioned RAND Europe and the Policy Institute at King’s College London to collate and synthesise 100 examples of positive change arising from NIHR’s support of health and care research in its first 10 years.

These examples were derived from a wide range of sources including primary literature, interviews, REF 2014 case studies, NIHR’s own and third-party publications, and were extensively validated and referenced.

The resulting report, The National Institute for Health Research at 10 years: An impact synthesis -100 Impact case studies, provides detailed case studies grouped under 10 thematic headings.

The case studies have been codified into an NIHR Activity and Achievements finder, which provides:

  • Case study titles, impact summaries, chapter references to full versions of each of the 100 impact case study narratives and a breakdown by NIHR funding stream / institution / region / scale / Health Research Classification System health categories
  • Brief descriptions, keywords and message-led sentences describing the 10 overarching impact themes (each of which contains 10 case study narratives).

The report has also been summarised in an infographic

The NIHR approach to impact assessment continues to develop working with a wide range of collaborators.

The NIHR Dissemination Centre critically appraises health research from both within and beyond the NIHR to identify the most reliable, relevant and significant findings. The Dissemination Centre disseminates these findings as actionable, accessible, and trustworthy information in the form of Signals, Highlights and Themed Reviews.