NIHR Research Activity League Table archive


Each year, the Research Activity League Table is published by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN), to detail research activity across all NHS trusts in England. The table provides a picture of how much clinical research is happening, where, in what types of trusts, and involving how many patients.

The previous league table is below.

The NIHR Research Activity League Table is published by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN). It shows the extent of research activity across all NHS trusts in England, providing a picture of how much clinical research is happening, where, in what types of trusts, and involving how many participants. What does the League Table mean to you?

The league table defaults to showing all the data on one page, it can be divided into pages using the left hand drop down list at the top. To search the league table enter text in the search box or filter the different fields - all the columns can be sorted and searched on by clicking on the small up and down arrows. Click on the relevant organisation name to see more details.

The annual data cut for the period 2016/17 reflects the data in the NIHR Central Portfolio Management System on 28 Apr 2017. Please note, commercial data and clinical commissioning group (CCG) data is only available from 2014/15 on.

For the purposes of the league table data, individual GP practices have been grouped into their CCG region.


Trust nameTypeLocal networkNumber of studies recruiting 2015/16Number of studies recruiting 2016/17Percentage changeParticipants in studies 2015/16Participants in studies 2016/17Percentage change
2Gether NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthWest of England22249.1%354347-2.0%
5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthNorth West Coast2522-12.0%329265-19.5%
Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast86893.5%112411492.2%
Airedale NHS Foundation TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber4241-2.4%50783264.1%
Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast86893.5%22944604100.7%
Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteKent, Surrey and Sussex657312.3%1563181716.3%
Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS TrustMental HealthWest of England3632-11.1%633498-21.3%
Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteNorth Thames76771.3%1171211080.2%
Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS TrustMental HealthNorth Thames202735.0%345294-14.8%
Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber31323.2%4971032107.6%
Barts Health NHS TrustAcuteNorth Thames33541624.2%139841597414.2%
Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth Thames96960.0%1763222526.2%
Bedford Hospital NHS TrustAcuteEastern283317.9%6607188.8%
Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthThames Valley and South Midlands313512.9%7511757134.0%
Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthWest Midlands3528-20.0%957398-58.4%
Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustCareWest Midlands121850.0%3051957541.6%
Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest Midlands10314338.8%1809299265.4%
Birmingham Women's NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest Midlands5950-15.3%45182780-38.5%
Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation TrustCare / Mental HealthWest Midlands121633.3%27334526.4%
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast92964.3%136014345.4%
Bolton NHS Foundation TrustAcuteGreater Manchester505510.0%715126476.8%
Bradford District Care NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthYorkshire and Humber162025.0%62878825.5%
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber180177-1.7%5519907864.5%
Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustCareGreater Manchester330.0%72720.0%
Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteKent, Surrey and Sussex187179-4.3%3043449147.6%
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS TrustAcuteThames Valley and South Midlands78825.1%4815616128.0%
Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest Midlands5548-12.7%708686-3.1%
Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber7470-5.4%1793262846.6%
Calderstones Partnership NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthNorth West Coast10-100.0%20-100.0%
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteEastern3663711.4%907296736.6%
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthEastern44489.1%983836-15.0%
Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS TrustCareEastern94-55.6%149102-31.5%
Camden and Islington NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthNorth Thames3628-22.2%1070149339.5%
Central and North West London NHS Foundation TrustCareNorth West London334330.3%752519-31.0%
Central London Community Healthcare NHS TrustCareNorth West London39200.0%192124-35.4%
Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteGreater Manchester34238312.0%87431046019.6%
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West London1251379.6%3668441120.3%
Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthNorth West Coast253124.0%5911541160.7%
Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteEast Midlands4940-18.4%34345833.5%
City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth East and North Cumbria1171278.5%1879229222.0%
Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation TrustAcuteEastern657210.8%76893021.1%
Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthSouth West Peninsula142471.4%236494109.3%
Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast63664.8%662101353.0%
County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth East and North Cumbria87925.7%1025136132.8%
Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS TrustMental HealthWest Midlands3025-16.7%74584914.0%
Croydon Health Services NHS TrustAcuteSouth London344326.5%390873123.8%
Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthNorth East and North Cumbria232717.4%66695343.1%
Dartford and Gravesham NHS TrustAcuteKent, Surrey and Sussex415124.4%395972146.1%
Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteEast Midlands1221284.9%2442274412.4%
Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation TrustCareEast Midlands6833.3%6744-34.3%
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthEast Midlands2928-3.4%151615502.2%
Devon Partnership NHS TrustMental HealthSouth West Peninsula161812.5%2301083370.9%
Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber6962-10.1%1069159349.0%
Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWessex53565.7%533102391.9%
Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthWessex182116.7%431393-8.8%
Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS TrustMental HealthWest Midlands11129.1%311290-6.8%
East and North Hertfordshire NHS TrustAcuteEastern124122-1.6%1612229542.4%
East Cheshire NHS TrustAcuteGreater Manchester435118.6%57163711.6%
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation TrustAcuteKent, Surrey and Sussex1121174.5%1298211663.0%
East Lancashire Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteGreater Manchester799216.5%1487164210.4%
East London NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthNorth Thames313925.8%1027900-12.4%
East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS TrustAmbulanceEast Midlands36100.0%1199971-19.0%
East of England Ambulance Service NHS TrustAmbulanceEastern3433.3%905706-22.0%
East Sussex Healthcare NHS TrustAcuteKent, Surrey and Sussex51545.9%58885946.1%
Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteSouth London314338.7%349779123.2%
Frimley Health NHS Foundation TrustAcuteKent, Surrey and Sussex65707.7%8431772110.2%
Gateshead Health NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth East and North Cumbria58591.7%902102113.2%
George Eliot Hospital NHS TrustAcuteWest Midlands243025.0%51567130.3%
Gloucestershire Care Services NHS TrustCareWest of England12100.0%2616-38.5%
Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest of England1101209.1%10973043177.4%
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth Thames171163-4.7%38242704-29.3%
Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest of England8177-4.9%780109240.0%
Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthGreater Manchester354837.1%648125894.1%
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation TrustAcuteSouth London4945001.2%2781325280-9.1%
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWessex1121163.6%1099185568.8%
Harrogate and District NHS Foundation TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber6963-8.7%2817312911.1%
Heart of England NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest Midlands1671712.4%59895350-10.7%
Hertfordshire Community NHS TrustCareNorth Thames52-60.0%896-93.3%
Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthEastern15150.0%16021333.1%
Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS TrustAcuteEastern374316.2%1066718-32.6%
Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth Thames516425.5%8524450422.3%
Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS TrustCareSouth London10-100.0%90-100.0%
Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber1811810.0%23049118295.7%
Humber NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthYorkshire and Humber23244.3%72880510.6%
Imperial College Healthcare NHS TrustAcuteNorth West London4214261.2%1309112901-1.5%
Ipswich Hospital NHS TrustAcuteEastern84907.1%2586291112.6%
Isle of Wight NHS TrustAcuteWessex3934-12.8%11841002-15.4%
James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteEastern5452-3.7%32356976.2%
Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership TrustMental HealthKent, Surrey and Sussex243545.8%44287998.9%
Kent Community Health NHS Foundation TrustCareKent, Surrey and Sussex512140.0%66424542.4%
Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteEast Midlands35350.0%40066566.3%
King's College Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteSouth London337333-1.2%147762068340.0%
Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteSouth London162875.0%245633158.4%
Lancashire Care NHS Foundation TrustCareNorth West Coast49514.1%13311247-6.3%
Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast1201243.3%210422476.8%
Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthYorkshire and Humber3427-20.6%942883-6.3%
Leeds Community Healthcare NHS TrustCareYorkshire and Humber17170.0%49071646.1%
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber4774861.9%112361243110.6%
Leicestershire Partnership NHS TrustMental HealthEast Midlands3230-6.3%56966216.3%
Lewisham and Greenwich NHS TrustAcuteSouth London6955-20.3%11543000160.0%
Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS TrustCareEast Midlands64-33.3%1953178.9%
Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthEast Midlands25278.0%406351-13.5%
Liverpool Community Health NHS TrustCareNorth West Coast110.0%72-71.4%
Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast253228.0%60487344.5%
Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast4234-19.0%13241054-20.4%
London Ambulance Service NHS TrustAmbulanceNorth West London440.0%4781084126.8%
London North West Healthcare NHS TrustAcuteNorth West London1261260.0%3847515233.9%
Luton and Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth Thames556212.7%58092759.8%
Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS TrustAcuteKent, Surrey and Sussex77826.5%5371534185.7%
Manchester Mental Health and Social Care TrustMental HealthGreater Manchester5230-42.3%1187731-38.4%
Medway NHS Foundation TrustAcuteKent, Surrey and Sussex4948-2.0%4921816165.8%
Mersey Care NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthNorth West Coast202840.0%300869189.7%
Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast4340-7.0%36450137.6%
Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS TrustAcuteNorth Thames6557-12.3%1098149736.3%
Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber86882.3%9371954108.5%
Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteThames Valley and South Midlands5554-1.8%41953694-11.9%
Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth Thames648126.6%1700235238.4%
NHS Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber660.0%1048380.0%
NHS Ashford CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex220.0%43-25.0%
NHS Aylesbury Vale CCGCCGThames Valley and South Midlands109-10.0%23264-72.4%
NHS Barking and Dagenham CCGCCGNorth Thames64-33.3%26335-86.7%
NHS Barnet CCGCCGNorth Thames81475.0%54244351.9%
NHS Barnsley CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber119-18.2%18848-74.5%
NHS Basildon and Brentwood CCGCCGNorth Thames5860.0%1491607.4%
NHS Bassetlaw CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber72-71.4%1613-18.8%
NHS Bath and North East Somerset CCGCCGWest of England3129-6.5%45262237.6%
NHS Bedfordshire CCGCCGEastern1812-33.3%473236-50.1%
NHS Bexley CCGCCGSouth London43-25.0%770.0%
NHS Birmingham Crosscity CCGCCGWest Midlands2320-13.0%605271-55.2%
NHS Birmingham South and Central CCGCCGWest Midlands2120-4.8%307848176.2%
NHS Blackburn with Darwen CCGCCGNorth West Coast146-57.1%178149-16.3%
NHS Blackpool CCGCCGNorth West Coast2714-48.1%30980-74.1%
NHS Bolton CCGCCGGreater Manchester1511-26.7%82192134.1%
NHS Bracknell and Ascot CCGCCGThames Valley and South Midlands660.0%1644175.0%
NHS Bradford City CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber5620.0%279788-96.9%
NHS Bradford Districts CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber161918.8%562522-7.1%
NHS Brent CCGCCGNorth West London141721.4%28945958.8%
NHS Brighton and Hove CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex129-25.0%11215001,239.3%
NHS Bristol CCGCCGWest of England4428-36.4%218622071.0%
NHS Bromley CCGCCGSouth London1210-16.7%14419636.1%
NHS Bury CCGCCGGreater Manchester118-27.3%82279240.2%
NHS Calderdale CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber71157.1%85223162.4%
NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCGCCGEastern434914.0%2499308723.5%
NHS Camden CCGCCGNorth Thames3534-2.9%1270674-46.9%
NHS Cannock Chase CCGCCGWest Midlands76-14.3%58487-85.1%
NHS Canterbury and Coastal CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex1810-44.4%11715633.3%
NHS Castle Point and Rochford CCGCCGNorth Thames4650.0%15399-35.3%
NHS Central London (Westminster) CCGCCGNorth West London7814.3%6233-46.8%
NHS Central Manchester CCGCCGGreater Manchester1610-37.5%2572736.2%
NHS Chiltern CCGCCGThames Valley and South Midlands61066.7%11813010.2%
NHS Chorley and South Ribble CCGCCGNorth West Coast770.0%136125-8.1%
NHS City and Hackney CCGCCGNorth Thames126-50.0%661378-42.8%
NHS Coastal West Sussex CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex1713-23.5%43856428.8%
NHS Corby CCGCCGEast Midlands4775.0%134803,592.3%
NHS Coventry and Rugby CCGCCGWest Midlands1612-25.0%588270-54.1%
NHS Crawley CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex1512-20.0%13966-52.5%
NHS Croydon CCGCCGSouth London81362.5%27189600.0%
NHS Cumbria CCGCCGNorth East and North Cumbria21224.8%828589-28.9%
NHS Darlington CCGCCGNorth East and North Cumbria97-22.2%11471-37.7%
NHS Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex10100.0%10686-18.9%
NHS Doncaster CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber1613-18.8%372358-3.8%
NHS Dorset CCGCCGWessex3528-20.0%1279664-48.1%
NHS Dudley CCGCCGWest Midlands101220.0%22926214.4%
NHS Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield CCGCCGNorth East and North Cumbria18195.6%27832617.3%
NHS Ealing CCGCCGNorth West London1412-14.3%6712688.1%
NHS East and North Hertfordshire CCGCCGEastern2316-30.4%611269-56.0%
NHS East Lancashire CCGCCGNorth West Coast1110-9.1%265147-44.5%
NHS East Leicestershire and Rutland CCGCCGEast Midlands16160.0%36642626-28.3%
NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber101660.0%29253583.2%
NHS East Staffordshire CCGCCGWest Midlands107-30.0%1322189-85.7%
NHS East Surrey CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex54-20.0%1599560.0%
NHS Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex83-62.5%13557-57.8%
NHS Eastern Cheshire CCGCCGGreater Manchester98-11.1%787258-67.2%
NHS Enfield CCGCCGNorth Thames75-28.6%3611-69.4%
NHS Erewash CCGCCGEast Midlands94-55.6%11521-81.7%
NHS Fareham and Gosport CCGCCGWessex1610-37.5%313178-43.1%
NHS Fylde & Wyre CCGCCGNorth West Coast157-53.3%10379-23.3%
NHS Gloucestershire CCGCCGWest of England2522-12.0%879448-49.0%
NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCGCCGEastern27283.7%863477-44.7%
NHS Greater Huddersfield CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber550.0%2060200.0%
NHS Greater Preston CCGCCGNorth West Coast53-40.0%389-76.3%
NHS Greenwich CCGCCGSouth London126-50.0%3938-2.6%
NHS Guildford and Waverley CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex1210-16.7%339204-39.8%
NHS Halton CCGCCGNorth West Coast3433.3%148-42.9%
NHS Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber1613-18.8%412271-34.2%
NHS Hammersmith and Fulham CCGCCGNorth West London12138.3%12220769.7%
NHS Hardwick CCGCCGEast Midlands119-18.2%8065-18.8%
NHS Haringey CCGCCGNorth Thames98-11.1%26234431.3%
NHS Harrogate and Rural District CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber86-25.0%250165-34.0%
NHS Harrow CCGCCGNorth West London127-41.7%15130-80.1%
NHS Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees CCGCCGNorth East and North Cumbria91344.4%16732393.4%
NHS Hastings and Rother CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex1714-17.6%16618410.8%
NHS Havering CCGCCGNorth Thames990.0%33932-90.6%
NHS Herefordshire CCGCCGWest Midlands1110-9.1%17825241.6%
NHS Herts Valleys CCGCCGNorth Thames18195.6%217159-26.7%
NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale CCGCCGGreater Manchester83-62.5%66671.5%
NHS High Weald Lewes Havens CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex73-57.1%969-90.6%
NHS Hillingdon CCGCCGNorth West London119-18.2%15770-55.4%
NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex149-35.7%368311-15.5%
NHS Hounslow CCGCCGNorth West London91233.3%3486152.9%
NHS Hull CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber10100.0%19549-74.9%
NHS Ipswich and East Suffolk CCGCCGEastern17185.9%650154-76.3%
NHS Isle of Wight CCGCCGWessex98-11.1%10165-35.6%
NHS Islington CCGCCGNorth Thames111536.4%659749.2%
NHS Kernow CCGCCGSouth West Peninsula4431-29.5%900120033.3%
NHS Kingston CCGCCGSouth London53-40.0%1435150.0%
NHS Knowsley CCGCCGNorth West Coast43-25.0%2263186.4%
NHS Lambeth CCGCCGSouth London22234.5%740614-17.0%
NHS Lancashire North CCGCCGNorth West Coast2315-34.8%777693-10.8%
NHS Leeds North CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber880.0%557638.2%
NHS Leeds South and East CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber71157.1%1741803.4%
NHS Leeds West CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber111536.4%35848134.4%
NHS Leicester City CCGCCGEast Midlands1816-11.1%25081578-37.1%
NHS Lewisham CCGCCGSouth London101330.0%2756107.4%
NHS Lincolnshire East CCGCCGEast Midlands75-28.6%17536-79.4%
NHS Lincolnshire West CCGCCGEast Midlands1713-23.5%253667-97.4%
NHS Liverpool CCGCCGNorth West Coast1611-31.3%16526460.0%
NHS Luton CCGCCGNorth Thames61066.7%12814714.8%
NHS Mansfield and Ashfield CCGCCGEast Midlands91344.4%8011746.3%
NHS Medway CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex8912.5%284664.3%
NHS Merton CCGCCGSouth London16160.0%8066-17.5%
NHS Mid Essex CCGCCGNorth Thames8912.5%1551688.4%
NHS Milton Keynes CCGCCGThames Valley and South Midlands71385.7%59206249.2%
NHS Nene CCGCCGEast Midlands24254.2%349264-24.4%
NHS Newark and Sherwood CCGCCGEast Midlands91122.2%14164-54.6%
NHS Newbury and District CCGCCGThames Valley and South Midlands5980.0%7056-20.0%
NHS Newcastle Gateshead CCGCCGNorth East and North Cumbria182327.8%671596-11.2%
NHS Newham CCGCCGNorth Thames106-40.0%14323286129.5%
NHS North & West Reading CCGCCGThames Valley and South Midlands1813-27.8%172137-20.3%
NHS North Derbyshire CCGCCGEast Midlands2518-28.0%31241432.7%
NHS North Durham CCGCCGNorth East and North Cumbria1412-14.3%112357218.8%
NHS North East Essex CCGCCGEastern91122.2%177747322.0%
NHS North East Hampshire and Farnham CCGCCGWessex176-64.7%20699-51.9%
NHS North East Lincolnshire CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber107-30.0%9914243.4%
NHS North Hampshire CCGCCGWessex2419-20.8%211178-15.6%
NHS North Kirklees CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber43-25.0%202525.0%
NHS North Lincolnshire CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber12120.0%281207-26.3%
NHS North Manchester CCGCCGGreater Manchester660.0%41218431.7%
NHS North Norfolk CCGCCGEastern2924-17.2%1396512-63.3%
NHS North Somerset CCGCCGWest of England3022-26.7%1102598-45.7%
NHS North Staffordshire CCGCCGWest Midlands2312-47.8%1687391-76.8%
NHS North Tyneside CCGCCGNorth East and North Cumbria1918-5.3%32344939.0%
NHS North West Surrey CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex148-42.9%14886-41.9%
NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCGCCGSouth West Peninsula47470.0%25682160-15.9%
NHS Northumberland CCGCCGNorth East and North Cumbria263534.6%15071306-13.3%
NHS Norwich CCGCCGEastern3022-26.7%1421619-56.4%
NHS Nottingham City CCGCCGEast Midlands192426.3%1197502-58.1%
NHS Nottingham North and East CCGCCGEast Midlands5860.0%41140241.5%
NHS Nottingham West CCGCCGEast Midlands81137.5%10914432.1%
NHS Oldham CCGCCGGreater Manchester15150.0%161349116.8%
NHS Oxfordshire CCGCCGThames Valley and South Midlands51510.0%42334090-3.4%
NHS Portsmouth CCGCCGWessex2118-14.3%499137-72.5%
NHS Redbridge CCGCCGNorth Thames98-11.1%1083186972.6%
NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove CCGCCGWest Midlands1210-16.7%25880-69.0%
NHS Richmond CCGCCGSouth London107-30.0%405742.5%
NHS Rotherham CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber12120.0%246244-0.8%
NHS Rushcliffe CCGCCGEast Midlands91011.1%180143-20.6%
NHS Salford CCGCCGGreater Manchester2420-16.7%1789514-71.3%
NHS Sandwell and West Birmingham CCGCCGWest Midlands2013-35.0%28096-65.7%
NHS Scarborough and Ryedale CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber54-20.0%9642-56.3%
NHS Sheffield CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber1918-5.3%3958464-88.3%
NHS Shropshire CCGCCGWest Midlands199-52.6%4191298-92.9%
NHS Slough CCGCCGThames Valley and South Midlands770.0%3935-10.3%
NHS Solihull CCGCCGWest Midlands98-11.1%234133-43.2%
NHS Somerset CCGCCGSouth West Peninsula21239.5%58884744.0%
NHS South Cheshire CCGCCGNorth West Coast1716-5.9%654503-23.1%
NHS South Devon and Torbay CCGCCGSouth West Peninsula2521-16.0%2504749-70.1%
NHS South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsula CCGCCGWest Midlands107-30.0%1267159-87.5%
NHS South Eastern Hampshire CCGCCGWessex2722-18.5%905451-50.2%
NHS South Gloucestershire CCGCCGWest of England2623-11.5%924900-2.6%
NHS South Kent Coast CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex63-50.0%152033.3%
NHS South Lincolnshire CCGCCGEast Midlands115-54.5%39922-94.5%
NHS South Manchester CCGCCGGreater Manchester111427.3%932656-29.6%
NHS South Norfolk CCGCCGEastern3124-22.6%2777636-77.1%
NHS South Reading CCGCCGThames Valley and South Midlands32-33.3%513160.0%
NHS South Sefton CCGCCGNorth West Coast330.0%26071-72.7%
NHS South Tees CCGCCGNorth East and North Cumbria1312-7.7%14521246.2%
NHS South Tyneside CCGCCGNorth East and North Cumbria81025.0%1951950.0%
NHS South Warwickshire CCGCCGWest Midlands2419-20.8%1073501-53.3%
NHS South West Lincolnshire CCGCCGEast Midlands76-14.3%8515-82.4%
NHS South Worcestershire CCGCCGWest Midlands1613-18.8%585376-35.7%
NHS Southampton CCGCCGWessex2921-27.6%989340-65.6%
NHS Southend CCGCCGNorth Thames6716.7%6053-11.7%
NHS Southern Derbyshire CCGCCGEast Midlands1710-41.2%1834167-90.9%
NHS Southport and formby CCGCCGNorth West Coast53-40.0%3329-12.1%
NHS Southwark CCGCCGSouth London141721.4%504254-49.6%
NHS St Helens CCGCCGNorth West Coast65-16.7%5335-34.0%
NHS Stafford and Surrounds CCGCCGWest Midlands1310-23.1%3089353-88.6%
NHS Stockport CCGCCGGreater Manchester1211-8.3%283181-36.0%
NHS Stoke on Trent CCGCCGWest Midlands1715-11.8%2896486167.9%
NHS Sunderland CCGCCGNorth East and North Cumbria1410-28.6%364131-64.0%
NHS Surrey Downs CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex13147.7%165398141.2%
NHS Surrey Heath CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex129-25.0%217114-47.5%
NHS Sutton CCGCCGSouth London5620.0%4644-4.3%
NHS Swale CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex20-100.0%30-100.0%
NHS Swindon CCGCCGWest of England168-50.0%7363-13.7%
NHS Tameside and Glossop CCGCCGGreater Manchester74-42.9%32633-89.9%
NHS Telford and Wrekin CCGCCGWest Midlands96-33.3%11037-66.4%
NHS Thanet CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex83-62.5%1056-94.3%
NHS Thurrock CCGCCGNorth Thames65-16.7%122391.7%
NHS Tower Hamlets CCGCCGNorth Thames17170.0%2280306534.4%
NHS Trafford CCGCCGGreater Manchester81362.5%884575-35.0%
NHS Vale of York CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber2928-3.4%16891663-1.5%
NHS Vale Royal CCGCCGNorth West Coast4650.0%5846-20.7%
NHS Wakefield CCGCCGYorkshire and Humber1311-15.4%214203-5.1%
NHS Walsall CCGCCGWest Midlands126-50.0%15447-69.5%
NHS Waltham forest CCGCCGNorth Thames440.0%882181-79.5%
NHS Wandsworth CCGCCGSouth London10100.0%107100-6.5%
NHS Warrington CCGCCGNorth West Coast54-20.0%3797162.2%
NHS Warwickshire North CCGCCGWest Midlands19190.0%34538812.5%
NHS West Cheshire CCGCCGNorth West Coast1311-15.4%263175-33.5%
NHS West Essex CCGCCGNorth Thames152033.3%312250-19.9%
NHS West Hampshire CCGCCGWessex3727-27.0%1251625-50.0%
NHS West Kent CCGCCGKent, Surrey and Sussex199-52.6%20381-60.1%
NHS West Lancashire CCGCCGNorth West Coast32-33.3%4412-72.7%
NHS West Leicestershire CCGCCGEast Midlands2321-8.7%22811761-22.8%
NHS West London CCGCCGNorth West London53-40.0%128-33.3%
NHS West Norfolk CCGCCGEastern2011-45.0%591105-82.2%
NHS West Suffolk CCGCCGEastern1410-28.6%12123291.7%
NHS Wigan Borough CCGCCGGreater Manchester440.0%7653-30.3%
NHS Wiltshire CCGCCGWest of England4642-8.7%1041793-23.8%
NHS Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead CCGCCGThames Valley and South Midlands36100.0%334536.4%
NHS Wirral CCGCCGNorth West Coast1714-17.6%2852943.2%
NHS Wokingham CCGCCGThames Valley and South Midlands1210-16.7%462315-31.8%
NHS Wolverhampton CCGCCGWest Midlands1510-33.3%81580-90.2%
NHS Wyre forest CCGCCGWest Midlands63-50.0%9132-64.8%
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteEastern17019715.9%3779431914.3%
Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthEastern313512.9%57076834.7%
Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS TrustCareEastern1815-16.7%498394-20.9%
North Bristol NHS TrustAcuteWest of England162152-6.2%42354096-3.3%
North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteNorth East and North Cumbria7352-28.8%1954841-57.0%
North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation TrustAmbulanceNorth East and North Cumbria48100.0%39778798.2%
North East London NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthNorth Thames404512.5%948136143.6%
North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthEastern24254.2%460378-17.8%
North Middlesex University Hospital NHS TrustAcuteNorth Thames4139-4.9%5652724382.1%
North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS TrustMental HealthWest Midlands1612-25.0%10311814.6%
North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth East and North Cumbria677816.4%918839-8.6%
North West Ambulance Service NHS TrustAmbulanceGreater Manchester2350.0%5591,080.0%
Northampton General Hospital NHS TrustAcuteEast Midlands7160-15.5%60979330.2%
Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthEast Midlands24254.2%24547192.2%
Northern Devon Healthcare NHS TrustAcuteSouth West Peninsula5038-24.0%7057273.1%
Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber54540.0%1136690-39.3%
Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthNorth East and North Cumbria455011.1%133113642.5%
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth East and North Cumbria8710116.1%31002756-11.1%
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteEast Midlands34440317.2%55491003080.8%
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthEast Midlands394515.4%4991098120.0%
Oxford Health NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthThames Valley and South Midlands486025.0%25762537-1.5%
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteThames Valley and South Midlands4635059.1%21169221544.7%
Oxleas NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthSouth London202210.0%11915429.4%
Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteEastern5150-2.0%1101137524.9%
Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteGreater Manchester1241294.0%50844175-17.9%
Pennine Care NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthGreater Manchester28293.6%63976820.2%
Peterborough And Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteEastern688220.6%666113670.6%
Plymouth Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteSouth West Peninsula1941961.0%2521355340.9%
Poole Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWessex10391-11.7%21301556-26.9%
Portsmouth Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteWessex17220016.3%3678560552.4%
Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteKent, Surrey and Sussex81250.0%70352402.9%
Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthYorkshire and Humber1123109.1%47567241.5%
Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation TrustAcuteThames Valley and South Midlands95950.0%552055751.0%
Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West London7910229.1%22951867-18.6%
Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteSouth West Peninsula1591621.9%270927210.4%
Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation TrustAcuteSouth West Peninsula18821916.5%3806504032.4%
Royal Free London NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth Thames2512718.0%2956520476.0%
Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteNorth West Coast154152-1.3%88183639-58.7%
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS TrustAcuteNorth Thames232717.4%61673719.6%
Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteKent, Surrey and Sussex809620.0%6101508147.2%
Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest of England1241294.0%21521773-17.6%
Salford Royal NHS Foundation TrustAcuteGreater Manchester183155-15.3%4392504915.0%
Salisbury NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWessex698624.6%17881599-10.6%
Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteWest Midlands112101-9.8%251327579.7%
Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber738111.0%76591219.2%
Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthYorkshire and Humber23258.7%59799867.2%
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber37140810.0%85871149033.8%
Sherwood forest Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteEast Midlands677917.9%970921-5.1%
Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS TrustAcuteWest Midlands921019.8%20412030-0.5%
Shropshire Community Health NHS TrustCareWest Midlands32-33.3%3412-64.7%
Solent NHS TrustCareWessex47470.0%18191513-16.8%
Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthSouth West Peninsula212414.3%27232118.0%
South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation TrustAmbulanceWessex220.0%5411180118.1%
South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation TrustAmbulanceKent, Surrey and Sussex220.0%1160445.5%
South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthNorth Thames2019-5.0%224623178.1%
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthSouth London9489-5.3%25272097-17.0%
South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthWest Midlands253436.0%1190694-41.7%
South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth East and North Cumbria1951981.5%2769345624.8%
South Tyneside NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth East and North Cumbria364319.4%952536-43.7%
South Warwickshire NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest Midlands293210.3%5671304130.0%
South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS TrustMental HealthSouth London2119-9.5%342303-11.4%
South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthYorkshire and Humber151926.7%69278513.4%
South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation TrustAmbulanceSouth West Peninsula87-12.5%23411607-31.4%
Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth Thames77770.0%1561280679.8%
Southern Health NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthWessex42432.4%15741375-12.6%
Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS TrustAcuteNorth West Coast2716-40.7%19223723.4%
St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteSouth London224215-4.0%56144880-13.1%
St Helens and Knowsley Hospital Services NHS TrustAcuteNorth West Coast5246-11.5%55286757.1%
Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership NHS TrustCareWest Midlands37395.4%771553-28.3%
Stockport NHS Foundation TrustAcuteGreater Manchester425019.0%352899155.4%
Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthKent, Surrey and Sussex303516.7%1220917-24.8%
Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS TrustAcuteKent, Surrey and Sussex404512.5%46488189.9%
Sussex Community NHS Foundation TrustCareKent, Surrey and Sussex182644.4%246663169.5%
Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthKent, Surrey and Sussex42457.1%26192162-17.4%
Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation TrustAcuteGreater Manchester26287.7%62577123.4%
Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation TrustAcuteSouth West Peninsula12113410.7%167217102.3%
Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthNorth Thames25150.0%546820.0%
Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation TrustMental HealthNorth East and North Cumbria222827.3%4031079167.7%
The Christie NHS Foundation TrustAcuteGreater Manchester1881932.7%1066187976.3%
The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast576310.5%346301-13.0%
The Dudley Group NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest Midlands92986.5%1358158416.6%
The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West London40425.0%48971947.0%
The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth East and North Cumbria5145282.7%12122125753.7%
The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS TrustAcuteNorth Thames394925.6%51861919.5%
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn, NHS Foundation TrustAcuteEastern455624.4%372803115.9%
The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest Midlands28280.0%62270212.9%
The Rotherham NHS Foundation TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber313616.1%27154099.3%
The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWessex1211231.7%1307179637.4%
The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation TrustAcuteSouth London2062185.8%273527600.9%
The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest Midlands192426.3%47276061.0%
The Royal Wolverhampton NHS TrustAcuteWest Midlands159155-2.5%1996257429.0%
The Walton Centre NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast4539-13.3%1507193528.4%
The Whittington Hospital NHS TrustAcuteNorth Thames4238-9.5%800515-35.6%
Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation TrustAcuteSouth West Peninsula879610.3%936159270.1%
Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care NHS TrustCareSouth West Peninsula20 -20 -
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteEast Midlands9580-15.8%1038160154.2%
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth Thames3884218.5%99221273828.4%
University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation TrustAcuteGreater Manchester1371455.8%4304480911.7%
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWessex39143110.2%20939224307.1%
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest Midlands317308-2.8%5735632710.3%
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation TrustAcuteWest of England2712875.9%4195604944.2%
University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS TrustAcuteWest Midlands164155-5.5%439347698.6%
University Hospitals of Leicester NHS TrustAcuteEast Midlands3163335.4%1347910650-21.0%
University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast6959-14.5%833128754.5%
University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS TrustAcuteWest Midlands1551560.6%3319410823.8%
Walsall Healthcare NHS TrustAcuteWest Midlands33369.1%41048618.5%
Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast39390.0%5735831.7%
West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteNorth Thames333815.2%6381283101.1%
West London Mental Health NHS TrustMental HealthNorth West London263534.6%41246212.1%
West Middlesex University Hospital NHS TrustAcuteNorth West London360 -7120 -
West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation TrustAmbulanceWest Midlands3566.7%315643104.1%
West Suffolk NHS Foundation TrustAcuteEastern314958.1%208714243.3%
Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAcuteKent, Surrey and Sussex75829.3%6141406129.0%
Weston Area Health NHS TrustAcuteWest of England4033-17.5%435346-20.5%
Wirral Community NHS Foundation TrustCareNorth West Coast21-50.0%12697-99.4%
Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteNorth West Coast445525.0%46473558.4%
Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS TrustAcuteWest Midlands6662-6.1%792134069.2%
Worcestershire Health and Care NHS TrustCareWest Midlands91233.3%55142158.2%
Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation TrustAcuteGreater Manchester67704.5%714102844.0%
Wye Valley NHS TrustAcuteWest Midlands324128.1%34164789.7%
Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteSouth West Peninsula76782.6%836749-10.4%
York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation TrustAcuteYorkshire and Humber135134-0.7%21754558109.6%
Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS TrustAmbulanceYorkshire and Humber4525.0%12281205-1.9%