Performance in initiating and delivering research - trend analysis

As of Quarter 1 2018-19, improvement in clinical trial performance and reducing site set up and participant recruitment time will no longer be assessed with a 70 day benchmark. A renewed focus will be placed on transparency, accuracy, and meeting sponsor expectations. Therefore the trend analysis related to trials published prior to Quarter 1 2018-19 has been archived.

Trend analysis on trials with NHS Permissions is still available to view, here. This trend graph shows data from Quarter 1 2012-13 up to Quarter 3 2016-17, after which HRA Approvals were introduced. A trend graph for HRA Approvals trials can be viewed here and shows data from Quarter 4 2016-17 up to Quarter 4 2017-18.

An updated trend analysis will soon be available and will show statistics on trials submitted after the removal of the 70 day benchmark.

If you have any questions regarding the trend analyses, published or archived, please contact the CTP team at